Accountability Team Building Activity

Brand New Team Building Activity

We have noticed some exciting new Team Building Activities hitting the market. Activities that cleverly combine fun and excitement with sound business principles and ideas. The latest one loaded onto our site is “Accountability.” This event is a clever mix of high energy while teaching the principles of Achievement and Accountability.

The great benefit of this type of activity is that it mixes excitement, energy, and fun with the delivery of outstanding business principles. This creates a much better return on investment from your team building event as your business will enjoy a longer term benefit from the ideas and principles presented. It’s not just about getting together and having fun, in the case of this specific activity your team will get to explore the principles of Achievement and Accountability and learn something about themselves in the process.

For a lot of businesses this mix of motivation and fun while also making a real difference to the attitudes, interactions, and accountability of their people is the ideal mix for their conference.

Basis of Accountability

In the case of Accountability the principles taught are profound and were carefully researched and published by noted psychologist Dr David McClelland. McClelland studied the psychology of Achievement and synthesised his findings into 5 key principles that are outlined through a high energy and exciting activity as well as clever and inspirational presentation.

So now you can have the best of both worlds. Enjoy some time together as a team all the while being challenged around the principles and mindsets of Achievement and Accountability.

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