Challenge You and Your Team: Examples of our Fun Adventure Activities

Are you tired of traditional team-building exercises that don’t have any lasting impact on your employees? Do you want to build stronger personal relationships and team morale? Look no further than adventure activities! 

They not only give your team an exciting and memorable experience, but they also offer many benefits for team building.

This blog post will explore their advantages and help you decide what team-building activities are perfect for your business. Get ready to take your team to new heights!

What Is Adventure Team Building?

Adventure team building is an essential part of any successful organisation. A strong and cohesive team works together to make better decisions and achieve higher levels of success.

Traditional work team activities, such as trust falls and icebreaker activities, can be practical but are predictable and lack excitement. That’s where adventure activities come in.

Overview of Adventure Activities

Adventure activities can range from activities such as rock climbing to treasure hunts. Here are some examples that we offer.

Ultimate Survivor

This activity promotes team bonding and collaboration in a fun and adventurous way. Participants are split into tribal teams that will compete in a series of challenges.

The activities are engaging and encourage teamwork. The programme culminates in a medal ceremony for the winning team, making it a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Amazing Race Smart Tech

This activity is a fun and engaging adventure team-building experience. It uses the latest iPad technology. During the exercise, teams must use iPads to find landmarks.  They must solve clues and complete photo and video-based missions. 

Quiz Mania Australia

Quiz Mania Australia brings the excitement of a TV quiz show to your workplace. With state-of-the-art multimedia capabilities, your team will feel the excitement of what it’s like to be in a game show! They will race against each other to answer questions.   

Amazing City Appventure

The smartphone scavenger hunt is an interactive team-building activity. It engages participants in a race to find GPS-located checkpoints to complete missions.

With their smartphones in hand, teams will navigate through designated areas. They will compete against each other in activities at each checkpoint to earn challenge points.

This activity promotes teamwork, following instructions, and problem-solving skills. It encourages participants to explore and learn more about the area.


Adventure activities give a unique opportunity for team building. They allow team members to work together outside of their usual work environment. Here are some of the main benefits:

Improved Communication

Smartphone scavenger hunt team-building activities help improve communication. Participants must work together and communicate effectively to solve challenges and locate checkpoints.

Increased Trust

As teams bond and work towards a common goal, they will develop greater trust and respect for each other. This can translate to the workplace, where you need confidence in your team for collaboration and productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration

Work team activities require collaboration between team members to achieve a common goal. Regardless of which adventure activity your team participates in, these exercises demand that team members work together. 

Increased Confidence

Our team-building exercises help team members build confidence by trying new things. For team members who have never sailed on the open water, completing our Sailing Melbourne challenge can give them a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence as they learn a new skill.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

Adventure activities require team members to think on their feet and problem-solve in real-time. Activities like the Amazing City Appventure force team members to think on their feet and use problem-solving skills.

Tips for Planning Adventure Activities

Now that you understand the benefits, it’s time to plan your own team-building adventure. Here are some tips to help your team get the most out of your experience.

Goals and Objectives

Before selecting an adventure activity, consider the goals and objectives you hope to achieve with the team-building exercise. Are you looking to improve communication? Do you want to build trust or boost morale?

Do you want to focus on problem-solving or build personal relationships? You can select an activity that meets your objectives by determining your goals.

Choose the Right Activity

There are many adventure activities available. Consider the physical abilities and preferences of your team when selecting an activity. Choose one that will encourage employee engagement and that everyone, including those with special needs, can take part in.

Hire a Reputable Company

When planning an adventure activity, work with a reputable company with experience. Look for a company with trained and certified guides. Make sure they have proper safety equipment and a strong safety record.

Provide Appropriate Training

Ensure that all participants receive proper training and instruction, including safety briefings. It must cover equipment demonstrations and practice exercises.

Clear Communication

Advise participants about the expectations and requirements of the adventure activity. Provide information about what to wear and what to bring. Indicate any physical or medical requirements.

Ensure they understand the risks involved and insist that everyone sign the necessary waivers or releases.

Debrief and Follow-up

After the adventure activity is complete, take time to debrief with participants. Discuss what they learned and achieved.

Follow up with participants to gauge the activity’s success and find any areas for improvement.

Adventure Activities for Corporate Team Building

Adventure activities offer a fun and effective way to build stronger teams. They will help to boost company culture and team morale in the workplace. 

They also improve communication, trust, and collaboration while encouraging increased confidence and problem-solving skills.

Your business can plan its own adventure activities with the tips and advice provided. For the best team-building experience, check out Team Building Made Easy, Australia’s number one team-building activity portal.

With our range of adventure activities, we can help you achieve your team-building goals. We will help you maximise your team’s potential and make it easy to find the perfect activity. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!