Team Building and Experiential Learning

09 May 2023 · 3 min read

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Experiential Team Building Activities – why you need them.

Team building refers to effort made to increase the performance, efficiency and productivity of a team. As a result, activities for team building usually have people working together in teams to achieve a particular objective or goal. In essence, Experiential learning is the process where people learn by doing. Thus they can then put the information they learn into practice.

Team building activities that contain an experiential component results in inclusion and strengthening of a team. Ultimately, most team building activities, involve participants learning in an experiential way. However some are more powerful than others.

Benefits of Experiential Team Building Activities.

Professional facilitators can integrate experiential activities and elements of team building into the one activity. However, in experiential team building activities, your team will “learn by doing”. Therefore the retention power of the participants increases, enabling your team to correlate and collaborate better at their workplace.

Team building activities can focus on creative problem solving, critical thinking, decision making etc. However, if you also incorporate experiential team building activities you will make the event relevant, enjoyable and meaningful.

Experiential leaning exercises enable your team to complete activities with confidence which has lasting positive outcomes.

Integrating important lessons and encapsulating experiences is the process of experiential learning. Successful companies have been incorporating this tactic to build powerful, cohesive teams for decades and continue to innovate the process itself.

Things to consider when choosing your activity.

When selecting a Team Building event, your desired outcome should be reinforced throughout the activity. Furthermore, clients that want more serious learning from their team building often ask us about the relevance of “experiential activities.” That is. they want to know that the activities we provide will satisfy their need for something active but are increasingly concerned about whether they will achieve their learning outcomes

Unfortunately, many companies provide team-building experiences that fall short of delivering the central message. In addition, our leading universities provide corporate training in a traditional “lecture” style, using bland power point that attract low involvement levels. Therefore, it is no surprise that people are wondering where Experiential Learning fits in or whether it is relevant and ‘real.’

So, the key question any activity seeker should ask is whether the key message resonates through the team building activities.

Ultimately, we know from our experience that well designed, empirically tested experiential activities have a greater chance of creating and enhancing the learning. Thus, with many years of experience, we are the industry leaders at sourcing effective, outcome-driven experiential learning activities.

Check out our Activate activity for an example of Experiential Learning

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Is it what you need?

As brokers of team building activities Team Building Made Easy is often asked about what can be achieved from a team building event and whether more serious learning is an option. However, if you want to blend activities include a more serious learning then you need to consider using an experiential learning approach.

Furthermore, for any Team Building event, your desired outcome should essentially be the main driver by which you select your activity, level of debrief, and whether other learning is blended into your program.

Thus, this issue of clear outcomes is critical to creating effective training programs generally and specifically to what type of approach will be the most effective.

Corporate training programs must deliver concepts and ideas in a manner that participants truly experience for themselves.

How many people do you know that have participated in training programs and nothing has changed as a result? They hear it but don’t get it. Experiential learning is the link that helps them get it. That is, your participants need to experience the concepts you are presenting, rather than just hearing them.

Why choose Team Building from us?

With 20 years experience Team Building Made Easy are experts at finding a team building activity that can create a learning “experience”, for you.

We understand your objectives and can blend your outcomes with the appropriate activity or exercise in order to achieve your outcomes. The secret is in understanding the distinctions that a particular exercise will create and blending them with appropriate learning models. In this formula your participants will have a much greater chance of a true learning ‘experience.’

* Experiential Learning is learning from experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum number would be around 8-10. The maximum number  depend on the activity and venue. You may find the smaller the group size the better the learning.

This depends greatly on your group size. Learning and Development activities are on the higher end of the scale due to the experience of the facilitator - however they also provider greater ROI.

A couple of times a year would be a great start. Mix up the type of team building activities you have in one year. This will ensure you find something to suit all your team members.

No. By using the services of Team Building Made Easy, you will not be charged any hidden costs or charges.  We have arrangements in place with all our listed providers to ensure they quote to us as they would quote directly to you the user if you were to go to them directly.


  1. Team Building Made Easy Pty Ltd is a booking agent for companies that provide team building activities. Team Building Made Easy Pty Ltd is not the provider of these activities.
  2. When you book an activity through Team Building Made Easy you are purchasing a credit for team building to the value of that booking. Subject to these terms and conditions you may use that credit for any team building activity available through Team Building Made Easy.

Booking Terms

  1. Bookings must be confirmed in writing by either signing and returning the Team Building Made Easy quote or by replying to the email containing the quote and clearly stating you wish to proceed with the team building activity as quoted.
  2. Once you return a confirmation by the means listed in item 3 you are committed to that booking and subject to these terms and conditions.
  3. Payment must be made at the time of booking.
  4. Payment may be made by Direct Deposit, Company Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
    - Payments made by Visa, Mastercard will incur a surcharge of 1.92% plus GST and for American Express it is 3.4% plus GST

Provider Terms

  1. Some Providers have specific Terms and Conditions which are in addition to these Terms and Conditions and are outlined in your quote. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and Provider Terms and Conditions the Provider Terms and Conditions will have precedence.


  1. As a booking agent for companies providing team building activities Team Building Made Easy will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage incurred or suffered by any participants during an activity.
  2. Where any liability is transmitted through a point of law to Team Building Made Easy then the maximum aggregate liability of the Team Building Made Easy, its directors, employees, agents and servants for all claims under or relating to this contract or its subject matter is limited to an amount equal to the Fees paid by the customer under this Contract.

Dispute Resolution

  1. Should any dispute arise from an activity then as a booking agent for companies providing team building activities Team Building Made Easy will use its best endeavours to help you resolve the dispute with the provider. Please note however that as a booking agent we do not have direct control over the provider and as provided for in clause 10 of these terms and conditions any dispute and or refund will be based on the provisions of the Provider’s contract


  1. Team Building Made Easy reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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