Coping with Change in the Workplace

Culture Change

Change is a constant – and yet people find it challenging. There are 7 common reactions to change:

  • I feel awkward, ill at ease and self conscious.
  • What will I have to give up? What am I losing?
  • I’m not ready – others might be but I’m not.
  • We can’t do this, there’s not enough resources.
  • I feel like I’m alone in this.
  • I can only handle so much change.
  • I will revert back to what I’m comfortable with once the pressure is off

People need to be supported through the change process and the best place to start is before the change occurs. The change that people are most willing to commit to is change they have helped identify and create. “People commit to what they create.”

If that’s not possible then remember to give people time and to support them. People will feel awkward, ill at ease, and like they’re losing something

Building a culture of Personal Responsibility in your teams can also support the change you are trying to create.



So how can you help your team change?
We have a number of providers and activities that are designed to help teams through the change process.

Activities include:

Change Game



The Vault


Break out

So contact us today and discuss how we can help your team.

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