Top 10 Game shows and Trivia Team Building Activities to Challenge your Team

02 November 2022 · 8 min read

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Game shows and Team Building Trivia Activities

Do you want to bring employers together? Why not consider hosting a Team Building Trivia game.

Below we answer all your questions about Team Building Trivia and Game show options in Australia. Further, this includes how to plan and host your event.

We have also included our list of the top 10 Game shows and Trivia, so you can find the best option for your team.

team building trivia games

What is a Trivia Game

Game shows and Trivia come under the category of Transformational play. This is a powerful tool that employs the art of play to accomplish serious business. The mantra is, Play first. Thus, you work better and achieve superior results. You can read more about team building trivia in an article on by Sasha Barab.

Build strong networks within your teams with Team building Trivia and Game Shows activities. Ultimately, they are engaging, fun and exciting whilst working on skills which can transfer into your teams work life. 

Team Building Trivia Questions

Ultimately Team building trivia questions are based on the game Trivial Pursuit. In addition, they may include game shows such as Jeopardy or Who wants to be a Millionaire. In general, people love watching game shows on TV. As a result the mental challenge and fun of trivia contests is what people love. In addition, team members will find something to suit them, with a range of categories from Geography, History, Music etc. Furthermore, Corporate Trivia events are not old-fashioned boring trivia where you have a piece of paper and a pen. Nowadays office trivia questions for team building are interactive, high energy and inclusive.

Therefore, think electronic buzzers, interactive podiums, live scoreboards and much more. Adventure Trivia is an especially good example of high interaction. In essence, office trivia questions for team building rounds have been in fact, specifically designed to test team’s strengths in sport, history, geography, music & art, and general knowledge. For this reason they include a choice of themed trivia questions. Like wise, as stated earlier, many team building trivia games also include aspects of popular game shows. Therefore, team interaction is required.

What are the benefits of hosting a corporate trivia night

If you want to work on team work then Corporate Trivia Nights are an excellent choice. In other words, teams need to work together to solve Office trivia questions for team building, as they are usually in multiple parts.
Above all, people are made to think in well-designed Trivia Team Building Activities. Thus, the team that knows the answer right away is not always right.

The facilitator will include a variety of topics in Trivia and game show questions. Thus, allowing for different members in the teams to be able to answer questions. Ultimately, organise your teams in such a way as to group people who have a diverse range of knowledge and skills.

Hence, Game shows and Trivia also promotes team bonding by your employees talking together to come up with answers. Thus, team members need to use problem-solving skills and team work to answer the questions. 

Benefits of Fun Trivia Questions for Team Building

Our intellect and knowledge can be demonstrated with Trivia and Game Show Team Building Activities. However, while most people consider trivia a hobby, trivia can be far more than just fun and games. According to an article by Construction Executive it can make employees smarter and more innovative. It can foster the kind of breakthrough thinking that can take a company from good to great.

You can read more in this relevant article where they discuss the Benefits of a Corporate Trivia Night. They further discuss that the use of trivia has been proven to unlock the potential of the human mind. Thus improving mental performance and enhancing creativity.

Team Building Trivia Questions

Team Building Trivia Team Selection

Trivia and Game shows are a great option for gaining insight into peoples thinking patterns and thought processes. For example, a marketing department might have different thought processes to an IT department. It is a good idea to select your teams prior to the event, thus making sure people mix from different departments. Ultimately this will enhance team bonding in the work place.

What else is needed to host a Corporate Trivia Night?

Team Building Trivia events can be held during the day or night. Importantly, when looking for a venue the main criteria is a private function room. Ultimately, you want the team to be able to have fun, be loud and not be inhibited by the venue space. This can be anywhere from a pub, bowls club, restaurant or even your office. If you are not sure ask us for suggestions as to what would suit your event. Audio Visual equipment is always required. Fun trivia questions for team building need to be able to seen by everyone in the room. Depending on your number of participants this may be anything from a large TV to a screen and data projector. In addition, a microphone and sound system may be required. Most venues can provide the equipment required.

Group sizes

Team building trivia games are a great cost-effective choice for large groups.
Group sizes can be flexible from 10-100 plus people. Furthermore, they can run anywhere from 1-3 hours. Ultimately, the best time frame is around 2 hours. This gives people enough time to get into it, be competitive and have fun. Above all, the event should be the right length where people have fun but are not starting to get bored.

When to hold your Game show or Trivia Activity

Team Building Trivia and Game shows can be run as stand-alone events, or over dinner at a conference. They are also great options for Christmas events. Include a meal or drinks and nibbles, and you have the perfect corporate trivia night.

Fun Trivia Questions for Team Building

Customise your team building trivia questions to suit your objectives and themes. Trivia Challenge night is a fun packed, laughter-filled team building event that everyone will love to be involved in. This is certainly not your average pub trivia night. Rounds of trivia questions, music trivia, TV themes, and challenge activities will have your teams in fits of laughter.

There are also options to customise questions about your own organisation. Our Family Feud game show is one that can be customised.
Let us know what you would like, and we can organise customised quotes for you.

Remote office team building trivia games

Furthermore, if your team are still working from home or across the county then ask about our remote options. We have live-streamed interactive Team Building Trivia and Game shows for remote team building. This includes Family Feud and online Murder Mystery team building activities.

Benefits of Game Show and Team Building Trivia Activities.

Gene Jones discusses the power of play should not be downplayed. The article, Making Employees smarter via Trivia, advises you can use team building trivia games to gain important business advantages.

Moreover, the article discusses a number of advantages corporate trivia nights can have. These include:

  • Inspire innovation and facilitate creative thinking
  • Advance problem-solving skills
  • Promote team building and corporate culture development
  • Enhance the development of leadership skills
  • Increase performance and growth
  • Reinforce knowledge and clarify concepts
  • Foster conversation and communication.

Why should you choose Team Building Trivia Games

Team Building Trivia Games are so fun that people don’t notice the additional benefits of Team Building. Further, social setting allow people to relax. Additional benefits can be found in article in Tweak your Biz, discussing How to Host a Corporate Trivia Night. According to the article – Team building is not limited to the same old exercises. On the contrary, look for an activity that not everyone expects and associates with corporate bonding. This will ensure that during the activity they use existing skills in an entirely new way. Therefore, not only will your team have a great event, but they will maintain important skills. 

Trivia Team Building games foster trust and communication. Further endorsement of Team Building Trivia games comes from an Article by Forbes. They discuss getting employees out of their shells, try a little friendly competition. Trivia is a never-ending series of brain-bursting puzzles, general knowledge twisters and lateral thinking mind-benders. As a result, your team will get a very thorough mind workout in this popular program.

How to host a Corporate Trivia Night.

  1. Request information. Gather information you need about the event before you start doing any research. Completing this step before moving on as it will save you a lot of time. Reduce the chance of wasting your time by knowing your budget upfront. In addition, group size, location, date and time are important to get accurate quotes
  2. Research. Gathering information and ideas. Venues be expensive, but can make a difference to the success of your event. It is important to get the venue right.
  3. Checklist. Once you have gathered your information and ideas, keep on top of them in a spreadsheet or list. This will ensure that organising the event does not get too stressful for you. Try to have a key decision maker on your committee – it will in turn save a lot of time. In addition, promotion of the event is important to the team building activities’ success. Preparing your audience can make a huge difference to the success or failure of the event. Make sure you leave a little mystery about the event, as people love mystery.
  4. Follow up. The final step is to gather feedback. This can be fantastic guidance for next time. In particular ask what worked well and what didn’t work well. Was everyone able to join in the activity, or did people feel left out? Was the venue appropriate? Did you feel as though it was value for money?

Compile the results as well as if there is anything you would do different next time.

QuizMania - Trivia Team Building Activity
Play Video about QuizMania - Trivia Team Building Activity

Looking for more inspiration?

It is hard to choose an activity just by looking at some pictures and a description. So, we have put together a playlist of some team building activities in action. This will give you a better idea of the activities, thus allowing you see how much fun they are.

Therefore, you can go to our YouTube channelfor more ideas and to see other activities in action. 

Our Top 10 Game show and Trivia Team Building Games

We have a range of interactive Trivia options. A particularly great idea if you have new people joining your company, or if you want something over dinner or drinks. Office Trivia questions for team building is a popular activity at a conference or a networking activity. Office trivia questions for team building are always a hit.
Team Building Trivia can be a great choice for businesses with a tight budget. Especially if you have a large group of people. Below are our most popular activities. You can find further options on our Game show and Trivia page.

Evening Team Building Activities

In the event you are not into Trivia and Game shows, we have further Evening Team Building Activities that may interest you. These include: Win it in a Minute, Murder Mystery, Casino etc. You can also check out the Evening Category on our website for more options. Of course activities can be held in the day time as well.

In summary, let us know what you would like, and we will organise customised quotes for you.

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None of us is as smart as all of us.

Frequently asked questions

The minimum number would be 10, however the more teams you have the better, So 20 would be a great number. There is no maximum number. Game show and Trivia Activities are very economical for large groups.

Your activity will run best in a private function space. It is ideal if you can get AV equipment included in your venue hire. This can save you quite a bit of money.

No. By using the services of Team Building Made Easy, you will not be charged any hidden costs or charges.  We have arrangements in place with all our listed providers to ensure they quote to us as they would quote directly to you the user if you were to go to them directly.


  1. Team Building Made Easy Pty Ltd is a booking agent for companies that provide team building activities. Team Building Made Easy Pty Ltd is not the provider of these activities.
  2. When you book an activity through Team Building Made Easy you are purchasing a credit for team building to the value of that booking. Subject to these terms and conditions you may use that credit for any team building activity available through Team Building Made Easy.

Booking Terms

  1. Bookings must be confirmed in writing by either signing and returning the Team Building Made Easy quote or by replying to the email containing the quote and clearly stating you wish to proceed with the team building activity as quoted.
  2. Once you return a confirmation by the means listed in item 3 you are committed to that booking and subject to these terms and conditions.
  3. Payment must be made at the time of booking.
  4. Payment may be made by Direct Deposit, Company Cheque, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
    • a)  Payments made by Visa, Mastercard will incur a surcharge of 1.92% plus GST and for American Express it is 3.4% plus GST

Provider Terms

  1. Some Providers have specific Terms and Conditions which are in addition to these Terms and Conditions and are outlined in your quote. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and Provider Terms and Conditions the Provider Terms and Conditions will have precedence.


  1. As a booking agent for companies providing team building activities Team Building Made Easy will not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage incurred or suffered by any participants during an activity.
  2. Where any liability is transmitted through a point of law to Team Building Made Easy then the maximum aggregate liability of the Team Building Made Easy, its directors, employees, agents and servants for all claims under or relating to this contract or its subject matter is limited to an amount equal to the Fees paid by the customer under this Contract.

Dispute Resolution

  1. Should any dispute arise from an activity then as a booking agent for companies providing team building activities Team Building Made Easy will use its best endeavours to help you resolve the dispute with the provider. Please note however that as a booking agent we do not have direct control over the provider and as provided for in clause 10 of these terms and conditions any dispute and or refund will be based on the provisions of the Provider’s contract


  1. Team Building Made Easy reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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