Team Building Activities for large teams and groups to build a cohesive team

Team Building for Large group activities

Every business is unique & varies in size. Some companies require Team building activities for 200 employees, while others would like Team building activities for 100 employees or less. There are many Team Building activities for large groups of employees, which will produce effective results. There are also suitable Team building activities for over 200 employees.

 Even the strongest teams can benefit from team building activities. They can greatly improve communication, motivation, morale, and productivity, Team Building activities can also help employees or new teams to get to know each other better. Individually, you can learn about your own strengths and weaknesses. As most business owners and companies know great teamwork is a key factor with a company’s success.

In order to understand what are the best team building activities for large corporate groups, we firstly need to understand what is a team. A team can be defined as a group of individuals that work together in order to achieve their common goal. Normally teams will be comprised of members that have complimentary skills and therefore create synergy through their combined effort. This allows people to optimise their strengths and weaknesses. A team is more than a group. A group can consist of individuals with varied interests and attitudes but do not necessarily work towards common goal.

The purpose of forming teams is to provide a structure that will enable individuals to work with other people in planning and executing processes to achieve their goal.

Teamwork can provide:

  • A support framework
  • Understanding of required tasks
  • An increase in contribution and collaboration
  • Ownership of the project

Good teams don’t happen by accident. Strong leadership, adaptability, effective communication and skilled conflict management are usually involved in creating successful teams. Read more about what makes Teamwork effective in this article by Schatz, Traci. “What Makes Teamwork Effective?”

In order for teams to be cohesive and accomplish their goal, it is vital that they focus on their objectives and the task at hand.

A strong team can take any crazy vision and turn it into reality.
John Carmack

Tips for large scale Team Building activities

Successful teamwork is essential in order to create meaningful group interactions. But how do you create a cohesive team? You have to build it with an environment of trust and support. This will ensure that you have the team make a collective effort that is greater than themselves.

It is important to find a balance in large scale team building activities  that is both fun, engaging and challenging. You should also choose activities that have the ability to help improve employee performance and productivity at the office.

You also want to ensure that you enable your team to feel a sense of belonging and sharing the same vision. Running Large team building activities show your staff that you really appreciate them and want to celebrate success. Team building activities for large groups of employees will also assist your business to grow and thus be better than your competitors

Here are a few tips of how you can build a cohesive team.

Strong Teams equal Trust

Trust is essential to any working relationship. It is prerequisite in order to produce any sort of meaningful work with others. You must trust in each other’s talents, unique abilities and dedication to the ultimate goal for your company.

If your employees trust one another, the stronger and more productive your team will be. Employees that trust one another also have each others backs, they work better together.

We have large group activities, which include Problem solving, decision making activities, adaptability and Communication activities, that focus on building trust. 

By showing your team that you believe and trust by investing in Team Building activities to improve the working environment of the team, or to develop skills for staff, employees understand that their manager values them.

Respect one another

Respecting those you work with is an essential work ethic. Respecting others for their work ethic, their differences and their personal lives. Ideally, your colleagues want to work with each other because they feel their needs are understood and their abilities are acknowledged.

Treat people with politeness, courtesy and kindness. Allow your team to express ideas and opinions and make sure your listen to what they have to say.

When you understand others and respect their differences, you set the atmosphere that encourages others to contribute towards a common goal.

Encourage Supportiveness

If a team member is struggling with their workload it is up to the other team members to help out. Remember that everyone is working towards the same goal and therefore their work is your work too. Offer support and it will be offered back to you.

Strong cohesive teams set goals and clear plans of how to achieve their objectives by working together collectively. Individuals should always support each other. If everyone contributes it leads to a sense of belonging.

Great teams have great leaders

Often it is only when management has changed, and you are working underneath a bad leader that you realise what good leadership is (or was). If you are in a leadership position it is up to you to set the mood and work ethic of your team. If you are working under a leader, you can help make them better too. Leaders rely on trust and support. A good leader will accept constructive criticism and be concerned for their staff.

Any great leader will know if their team is misaligned or demotivated, the business is likely missing out on productivity.

Trying new things for your staff can be a challenge but creating these opportunities for your staff to connect and interact will generate better vibes among employees. This in turn benefits the business. For Team building for large corporate groups choosing something unique and slightly outside of people’s comfort zones can encourage them to come together in new ways and increase productivity, outside of regular meetings and presentations.

Work co-operatively

Cooperation ties in with trust, respect and supportiveness. Remember you are working towards a common goal, not against each other. Once this is realised cooperation and collaboration can assist you to reach and exceed your goals.

If you work co-operatively & collectively you will find that your teams will communicate openly with one another. Sharing thoughts and ideas are essential to ensure conflicts or incorrect information doesn’t arise.

Another important factor is that everyone contributes, so they have a sense of belonging, to be committed and take responsibility.

The business and the team should always support each other.

Build Communication skills

Communication is the backbone of any successful operation. A strong cohesive team communicate openly with one another, by sharing thoughts and idea’s. Open communication is essential so conflicts and incorrect information don’t arise.

Encouraging open communication can resolve many issues and increase collaboration. Doing Team building activities for big groups means more engaged employees, which is good for company culture.

Team Building such as Survivor, Bikes for Kids, Amazing Race or Trivia that help create respect and empathy in turn improve communication and teamwork – two important aspects that make for and determine the success of the team in achieving its goals.


Checking in and reminding the team of their accountability helps keep your team on schedule and honest. If you check in regularly with colleagues, it can be a good incentive to get all the work done and done well.

Each team member individually needs to be accountable for their actions, so that the team can achieve results as planned. Its highly important that everyone contributes, to feel a sense of belonging, to also be committed and take responsibility.


Show Commitment

Teams need to commit to each other and to the vision of the business. Making a commitment to business and yourself is powerful. A commitment means having enthusiasm towards your assigned task, taking responsibility towards the goals and vision set and giving it your all. It also means that everyone cares about the team, the performance of the team and getting the job done. Attending team meetings, contributing to discussions, suggesting how to make the team better etc. all work to show you are committed to the team.


Honesty is required both when things are going well and also when they are not going well. Keeping your word and promises builds loyalty and trust for both employees and customers. Being honest is the only way to have a sense of trust within the company. All work places are more successful if people have integrity, are truthful, loyal and honest.

Develop an amazing Culture

If you are working in a highly motivated team who are all pulling in the same direction, then the chances are very high that you are also working in an exceptional culture

While it can seem like it’s all up to the leader to implement top-down team building strategies, you can build a great atmosphere of trust and commitment with hard work and dedication no matter what your position. Team building activities for large work groups play an important part in developing a great Culture.

Every successful organisation which has a great culture, will have a culture that is strongly held and widely shared with a set of values that support their business and employees. Within the company employees know what is required of them, and know that the company shares their beliefs and values. It is also important that your team know they will be rewarded for demonstrating the companies values. Team Building activities for large work groups can help develop a great culture.

What is a cohesive team?

According to Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions & best-selling author Patrick Lencioni, there are 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team. They have developed a set of workplace assessment tools in program designed to deliver business results.

According to an article by The Change Corporation, the team development programme has a simple goal —to improve team effectiveness and productivity through the understanding and application of The Five Behaviors™:

  1. Trust,
  2. Conflict,
  3. Commitment,
  4. Accountability, and
  5. Results

They advise that nurturing a cohesive committed team that engages everyone’s strengths, will foster a positive environment where all team members thrive, thus leading to better results for your company.

Selecting large group activities that are right for your team.

Team Building activities for large groups of adults should have a clear purpose, which should also be communicated to your team. The ability to be upfront about the objectives will assist in greater buy-in and participation, and thus help make sure the team building activity will be a success. Ask yourself – What is the outcome you would like to get out of the Team building?

When deciding on your goal think about your team in terms of who they are and how they work together. Are they a new team that are just getting to know each other? Have they worked together for a long time and already know each other well? Are there any particular challenges they’re facing now or that may come in the future due to changes in the workplace?

We have many great Team Building Activities for large teams available. The first thing to decide on before selecting your activity is what objective you want to meet with the event.

Identify your objectives

The first and most important step when planning team building activities is to identify your objectives based on your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Consider the following questions when planning large scale Team Building Activities.

  • Is there conflict between people that are creating divisions and tensions within the team?
  • How well do team member know each other?
  • Is your team competitive or collaborative?
  • How well do they communicate with each other? 
  • Do some members affect the group’s ability to move forward through resistance to change?
  • Does the group need a morale boost?
  • Are there “clicks” within your team or organisation, or does everyone feel included?
  • Would your team benefit from re-energising, particularly after a crisis or change in the business?
  • Is there miscommunication, conflict or high staff turnover?
  • Would you like staff to feel a greater sense of belonging develop through new experiences which could help with the values and vision of the business?
  • How do I choose the right Team building activity for 200 employees?

You can choose specific team building activities to help your team to address any issues that the questions unearth.

Short team Building activities for large groups can be a useful activities and be an effective way to address a particular weakness or problem. However you want to make sure that they don’t do more harm than good.

Poorly planned events can be embarrassing, or physically and emotionally uncomfortable, for participants. When planning Team building activities for big groups for work you need to consider implications of returning to work and how people will feel.

 There are many effective Large team building activities to choose from once you’ve identified specific areas that you want to focus on.

Top 15 Team Building Activities for large groups

The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better.

Tony Dungy

Objectives of Team Building

According to an article by Appletree there are 5 main Objectives for Team Building. They advise that you need to keep in mind that the work environment and culture have a strong influence on retention of staff. Employee’s want to feel that their contributions to the team are worthwhile and that they are included/involved.

Here are some reasons why you should organise team building activities.

  1. Establish Connections – getting to know your team mates. Building bonds and relationships both inside and outside the office can improve performance and productivity across departments.
  2. Encourage Communication and Teamwork – building connections and bonds between team members will enhance communication. Thus improving productivity and cohesion, especially with team based projects.
  3. Improve Morale – the spirit of team work within team building activities can also improve the morale of the participants. The activities not only focus on team work, but they are also fun.
  4. Enhance Innovation and Creativity – team building activities encourage creativity and problem solving in a fun, safe environment.
  5. Build Trust and Team bonds – Trust should be the cornerstone of your company. Team building activities can shed light on trust and team bonds. They enable leaders to get know and understand their employees on a personal level, seeing them as people. The same is true between team members, seeing them as people rather than just being names on an email.

Team Building Activities for large teams and groups is even more important as issues can arise with conflict between teams, miscommunication and reduced productivity. Team Building Activities are a great way to invest in your people, get to know them better and discover their talents.

Time and Budget

Once you have decided on what you want to achieve from your activity you need to consider how much time you have and what your budget is?

If you only have an hour for your event, you need to be realistic with what you can achieve in your timeframe- you may not solve all your objectives and issues within the hour. Likewise if you have a very small budget the same applies.

Ask questions such as:

Will the activity achieve the objective & outcome we are looking for?

Will all team members be able to be included in the activity, with abilities & interests?

Do I have the budget for the activity – as well as the time away from the business?

Will the activity be appropriate for your group size?

How will the activity be perceived by the team – will they be reluctant to do it as it may make them look silly in front of colleagues? Will it expose fears or stir conflict between team members?

Most of our activities can be tailored for corporate groups or even party games for adults large group– knowing that everyone’s fitness levels are different. As a result most activities include a number of problem solving aspects as well – so all people can be included in the activity.

We also have an article dedicated to Small teams and groups. If you would like more information on activities suitable for Small teams and groups to build a great team – read this dedicated article.

Minute to win it games for large groups

Minute to win it games are very popular for large groups as they are quick activities that allow everyone to participate. The activities provide fun, excitement, pressure and competition. Teams must consult, strategise and decide amongst themselves which team members are best suited to the given challenge.

Your team will benefit from improving communication skills, creating a team strategy, dedication, perseverance and understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses.
The aim is to earn as many points as possible over all of the teamwork activities and the team that manages to score the most by the end of the program will win. Be prepared for plenty of laughter and fun. Minute to win it games for large groups are a great choice for Team building activities for 200 employees or more.

If you are looking for Short team building activities for large groups then Icebreaker activities are a quick and easy way to stay connected.  Perhaps you need an activity to start your morning off with a BANG, to re-energise your group after lunch or to close off the day. Well then, Energisers and Icebreakers are just right for you.

These Short team building activities for large groups are short and sharp and run for between 30 and 60 minutes each. Depending on the time that you have available, you could run 1 single activity or perhaps put a couple together to fill your available time.

These activities promote communication and awareness that can lead to increased productivity back in the workplace.

They are a great way to optimise participants’ learning and engagement. It’s important to establish a warm and friendly environment from the outset with an Icebreakers activity.

Benefits to participants include:

  • Boosting energy levels
  • Driving engagement and promoting participation
  • Encouraging cooperation
  • Adding some fun and excitement to the day

We have a free resource you can download that gives you 5 energisers that you can run yourself.

Our Top 6 Minute to win it games for large groups

Key points

  • If you have a large team or work in a large company team building is an important factor.
  • Your business is unique, so let us help with a team building event for your team to feel a sense of belonging and to share the companies vision.
  • Let staff know that you appreciate them and that you want to celebrate their success.
  • Strong teams set goals and have clear plans of how to achieve their objectives, Team building helps you achieve these.
  • The purpose of Team Building Activities is to: “motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses.” Team building activities should encourage collaboration rather than competition.
  • There are many Team Building Activities for 100 participants available. The first thing to decide on before selecting your activity is what objectives you want to meet with the event.
  • The Benefits of Team building activities are more than just team bonding time. They provide opportunities for learning in a fun, stress-free environment. The benefits of Team building are not only for the individuals who are part of the team, but for the whole organisation as well.
  • All our activities are tailored for corporate groups – knowing that everyone’s fitness levels are different. As a result most activities include a number of problem solving aspects as well – so all people can be included in the activity.

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Let us organise your Team building activities for large groups. Remember Team Building was meant to be easy

Team Building Activities are an integral component of building and developing your team. But how can you make sure you choose the right activity to suit your team’s needs?

Read our in-depth article – Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities for just that purpose. By the end of it you will be an expert and know all the advantages, disadvantages, common mistakes and what to do in order to organise an amazing Team Building Activity.

We will share resources and our extensive knowledge and experience in organising corporate team building activities