Go Crazy with our Top 6

Get out of the office and on to the streets of Melbourne for one of the most popular team building activities Team Building Made Easy has to offer. Experience the sights and sounds of Melbourne all while enhancing current team qualities and building new ones with the Amazing Race Melbourne. Check out the list below for some great examples of the Amazing races we have available.

Amazing race action adventure scramble challenge
Action adventure scramble team building activity

1. Amazing Race – Action Adventure Scramble

In this Amazing Race teams are let loose on the streets of Melbourne with cash, maps, instruction booklet and a camera. Your team needs to work together quickly and efficiently to stack up the points by photographing and collecting listed items in the instruction booklet. The further away the item is too reach the more points the team gets. The big points are earned at designated activity stations throughout the race, but you must use your limited funds and limited time to get to these activity stations to be able to add these much needed points to the tally. How will your team perform under pressure?


Amazing Race great race participants reading a clue
Amazing Race great race team building activity

2. Amazing Race – Great Race

This all about working as a team to find the quickest way to get from A to B. Your team will be moving from one ‘country’ to the next using the provided mini bus. Following the clues provided you will arrive at each nation to find an activity that will test the abilities of the entire team. Once the activity station is completed use the clues to move on to the next country and activity station. It will be an action packed race to the end, great way to put the team to the test!



participants celebrating in our Amazing race Melbourne
Amazing race Melbourne Team Building Activity

3. Amazing Race – Melbourne and Carlton

One of the more popular Amazing Races due to its versatility, Amazing Race Melbourne and Carlton has it all and suits any type of group. The team must navigate its way through the streets of Melbourne CBD or Carlton using maps provided to make it to designated check points. At these check points teams will have to tackle some quirky but fun activity stations putting the team to the test and just outside their comfort zone. Different team members will have the chance to take the lead at different stages of the race which will enhance the leadership skills of the whole team. Make it to the end using strategy, creativity, observation and problem solving skills. See for yourself why people have been raving about this Amazing Race!


participants dressed up in our Amazing charity Race
Amazing charity Race with team Building Made Easy

4. Amazing Charity Race

Not only is this Amazing Race fun and exciting it also raises money for Cerebral Palsy. The main objective of this race is to find out who is “Amazing Grace”? Your team will enjoy the creative, fun and challenging activities with some interesting twists and turns. This is a race designed for anyone and everyone with none of the activities being too physically demanding. At the end of the day you will find yourself mentally stimulated and feeling good, the team has had an amazing day and also raised money for an amazing cause. Build on core team skills and raise much needed funds, what could be better?


winning group doing an amazing race in Melbourne CBD
Amazing Race Melbourne CBD with Team Building Made Easy

5. Amazing Race – Melbourne CBD

This Amazing Race is the closest thing to the real televised Amazing Race as you could possibly get. Navigate your way through the CBD of Melbourne while encountering roadblocks, obstacles and detours designed to challenge teams to the fullest. Just like the TV series teams will face an array of challenges that will require teamwork, communication, problem solving and decision making. Use the clues provided to navigate and arrive at the different challenge stations, the next clue is only given once the team challenge has been completed. Best thing is that this Amazing Race can be tailored to meet the requirements of the type of group, making it more or less physically demanding. Experience what it’s like to be on the set of the ‘real’ Amazing Race, is your team ready to step up to the challenge?


Amazing Fantastic race participants in a park
Amazing Fantastic Race with Team Building Made Easy

6. Amazing Fantastic Race

The Amazing Fantastic Race starts off with teams being issued with an equipment pack containing coloured bandanas, cameras and competition briefs as well as a few other items needed to complete the race. Using only the items provided teams must make their way as fast as possible to designated locations, these locations have games in which you play and bet on, the amount won will dictate what mode of transport you can afford. The more you win, the faster the transport you can afford! At each location teams needs to put their heads together to solve a cryptic clue leading to their next location. But it’s not smooth sailing from there, traveling between locations teams will encounter road blocks and detours where challenges will need to be completed to continue on. First team to arrive at the pit stop wins. The Amazing Fantastic Race will require some calculated risk taking, planning, communication, navigation and the ability to follow instructions. Best of all its full of fun and adventure.

So Get Racing!

So it’s time to go from Corporate to Crazy with the Amazing Race in Melbourne, as you can see these races are a great way to get your team out of the office and into a fun and challenging environment completely different to what they’re used to. If you think an Amazing Race is the perfect activity for your team, contact us and we can help you choose the best option!


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