Seven Steps to Team Building Success

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Seven Steps to Team Building Success

Use this simple 7 Step process to ensure your next team building event is a success! Now that you are in final stages of choosing your team building activity for your staff, how do to get the best out of your experience? That is, how do you ensure the event is successful? Ultimately, success in this case refers to a successful team building session both as part of a conference, or as a standalone session. Further, you will probably have heard the phrase ‘clarity leads to success’. However, this clarity is too often a little fuzzy when people are organising a team building session. As a result, yo improve the success of your teambuilding session, we would like to share with you the vital first steps for gathering information to ensure the success of your team building day or session.

Step 1. Context:

The big picture. Why is the session taking place? What else is happening on the day? Who are you participants?

Step 2. Purpose:

What is your reason for the team building session? That is, what purpose will it serve as part of the broader agenda for the day?

Step 3. Outcomes:

Can you pin point specific outcomes resulting from the session? Further, what are your desired benefits?

Step 4. Expectations:

Ultimately, as the team building activity organiser, what are your expectations of the activity? Also, what do you understand the participant’s expectations to be?

Step 5. Fun/Learning:

Both are usually requested, but depending on your group size and purpose of booking your team building activity, you should ask yourself, what is more important, fun or learning? Further, what does fun mean to you? Also, what does learning mean in this context?

Step 6. Challenge:

What kind of challenge do you want your participants to have? Physical or cognitive? Affective? To what extent? Do you have a preference for a certain type of event?

Step 7. Success:

Above all, wow will you know the session has been a success? That is, what will be your indicators or measures? Further, consider these steps like a game of snakes and ladders. That is, every clear answer rewards you will a ladder to the next step and finally onto the 7th step and home. However, where there is not a clear answer, the way forward is tenuous and less predictable, giving you a slippery snake back down to assess your answers again. The probability of reaching the 7 steps and in turn a successful event increases with every clear step taken and communicated. Feel free to use these 7 steps to a successful team building event when planning your day and keep clear of the snakes! Contact us for assistance.