Christmas event ideas – Amazing Race Options

Our Top 5 Amazing Race Team Building Activities

Kick off your Christmas celebrations with something fun and out of the box this year Instead of the usual Christmas dinners at the office, why not book an amazing race for your corporate event this year? There’s nothing like spending time out of the office, travelling around the city, collecting clues and solving puzzles with your team. If you are still not convinced to book an amazing race, here are some more reasons to persuade you:
  • You and your team could live out the fantasy of being on one of the most successful TV shows in the world, albeit without the cameras and the fame.
  • Your team can explore the city in a new way. It’s an opportunity to look at something familiar in a new light and can possibly give your colleagues inspiration.
  • Amazing races encourage teamwork and a little competitive spirit.
  • It’s a great way to bond with the rest of the team.
  • It can help in breaking down barriers between team member and assist in everyone in getting to know each other better.
  • Everyone can join in on the fun. Unlike the original premise of the TV show, most amazing race team building activities are not focused on rigorous physical challenges or whose team will finish first.
  • It’s a good way to promote health and fitness in the workplace (although the activities do not necessarily have rigorous physical activities in them).
  • Amazing race is a great way to stimulate your team’s problem solving, critical thinking and negotiating skills.
  • It’s an opportunity for the team to get to know their strengths and weaknesses under pressure and learn how to work with these to achieve the goal.
  • It’s absolutely fun and can help boost mood and morale.
Here are some of the most popular Amazing race themed team building activities that you and your team can do:

Amazing Race Bar Stop Race – All states

If your team is hesitant for an all out physical competition, then Bar Stop Race is the amazing race activity for you. This race focuses more on strategy, fun and bar-hopping. Bars become pit stops where teams will need to work together to gather clues, solve puzzles and even have a drink, if desired. There are no drinking challenges in the activity. Amazing Race - Bar Stop Race Adventure Quest - Amazing race teambuilding activity Darwin

Amazing Race Go Race – All States

An amazing race styled game that’s also not about the fastest, but about how your team completes the challenges over the course of the event. Apps are used in the race that gives teams instructions and directions to the next location. The challenges are still timed, however, depending on the performance of the team, a team may be awarded time credits or receive time penalties on their final finish time.

Scavenger Hunt – All States

Explore the hidden places around the city you thought you knew. Scavenger Hunt is a perfect all-round team building activity for everyone. The goal is to collect items, take photos, ask questions and meet people all in one day. “Hunting Guides” will be issued that will help participants know where and when they need to be. Scavenger Hunt, Treasure Hunt Melb, Syd, Bris, Perth, and more amazing race team building activities City Scramble Team Building Activity

Amazing City Scramble – All States

Add history, local trivia and customised corporate information to an amazing race and what you’ll get is Amazing City Scramble. Strategy, communication, navigation and ability to follow instructions are all key for this amazing race team building activity.

Adventure Quest – All States

Merge team building with technology in this amazing race meets scavenger hunt activity. Using an interactive app that operates on GPS technology and image recognition, teams will need to unlock a variety of challenges on their journey. Be at the edge of your seats as you and your team will answer questions, solve problems and more to earn as many points as possible. Adventure Quest App Amazing Race These are just some of the amazing race activities your team can do. Check out more options on our website Your team can also have the option of having drinks and nibbles after your amazing race event. To learn more about this, feel free to contact Team Building Made Easy for more information and suggestions.