7 Indoor Team Building Activities in Melbourne: Strengthening Collaboration, Communication, and Camaraderie among Team Members.

Winter shouldn’t be a hindrance to your team building activities! In fact, you can use this season to add some excitement and fun to your team dynamics. With the ominous year-end coming up, it’s an excellent opportunity to nurture your communication and cooperation skills, while also having a blast with your fellow colleagues. By taking part in indoor team building activities, you can enjoy a warm and comfortable space while bonding with your group. And where better to do this than in the vibrant city of Melbourne? From collaborative problem-solving challenges to interactive cooking classes, Melbourne has it all when it comes to team building activities that you can enjoy indoors. So why not try out these seven fantastic Melbourne-based team building activities this winter season? You’re sure to create lasting memories while also improving your connections with your teammates.

Art – Mosaics – Melbourne

This team building activity encourages your team to get creative together. There are two options for mosaic making. Your team can either make individual mosaics side by side assisted by a professional artist or with a bit of pre-planning your team can decide on a design and make it all together. The team must agree on what materials to use and what colours to include in their artwork. It takes some pre-planning and communication between team members but the work is very therapeutic and relaxing. Mosaics is a great activity for getting comfortable with one another, creating something beautiful and communicating ideas and designs

Murder mystery – Whodunit

You become participants in a case of unusual murder and mayhem based on one of our 19 different themes. Become the major suspect, throw in a red herring or just sit back and enjoy the fun. We provide a host and can provide simple costume accessories to get everyone in the spirit of the night.

Bike build for kids

Bike build for kids is a beautiful combination of team building and giving back to the community. Teams work together to construct a bike from scratch. Unbeknownst to the team, a group of deserving children are waiting outside to collect their brand new bikes! This activity is incredibly popular, because of its versatility, the communication, delegation and creativity skills developed in the creation of the bikes and the very special ending. There won’t be a dry eye in the house. This activity can also run outdoors if the weather is fine.


When work gets stressful there is nothing better than Yoga to keep your body and mind relaxed and focused. It’s not all backbends and downward dog either, yoga can be adjusted to every skill and fitness level and the benefits your team will get from this amazing exercise are profound. Focus, stillness of mind, calmness and dedication are all skills practiced in yoga that are necessary for successful business.

Dumpling Cooking

Are you a foodie looking to explore new flavors and dishes? Why not embark on a culinary escapade by learning the art of making dumplings? This ancient practice can be traced back centuries and has evolved into a diverse range of regional and cultural variations. You can start your journey by mastering the perfect dough and learning how to shape different types of dumplings, whether it be the classic crescent-shaped or intricate pleated designs. From there, you can explore the endless possibilities of filling combinations, including pork, chicken, beef, or vegetarian options. Allow your creativity to run wild and experiment with different textures, flavors, and complementary dishes. Whether you’re looking to impress your dinner guests or simply want to expand your culinary horizons, our best-selling class is the perfect place to start. Book now and join the ranks of dumpling enthusiasts worldwide!


Let off some steam and get into the rhythm with group drumming. Each person is given a drum and directed by an instructor to produce an amazing group composition. Drumming is a great team building activity, as it is easy and accessible for everyone as well as being heaps of fun. Drumming takes around 2 hours and is ideal for groups of 10 or more.

Minute to win it

Minute to win it is a classic team building activity, and for good reason. Teams are presented with challenges. They must discuss, assess and pick the teammate with the necessary skills to successfully complete the challenge in just 60 seconds. The challenges get increasingly difficult so your team will have to carefully select the right candidate to get it done in the minute. This team building activity works on your teams communication, negotiation and risk-taking skills along with building trust and a little bit of friendly competition. Group size can vary between 5 and 500 and is a great post-dinner activity.

Indoor team building can be a great way to boost morale, improve communication, and increase collaboration in the workplace. There are many fun activities that can be done indoors, such as:

These activities are just a few examples of how indoor team building can be both fun and beneficial for the workplace.

Contact us for the best indoor activities in Melbourne this winter. Use this time to get to know your teams strengths and weaknesses and ways to improve communication and trust. There is always a time for team building.