How well do youreally know you co-workers?

Your heart sinks, mind goes blank, and your palms become clammy – it’s the moment you have to stand up in front of your fellow co-workers and divulge a ‘fun-fact’ about yourself.

If doing this will be stressful for you – then choose a fun, anxiety-free way of breaking the ice with your co-workers.

Breaking the ice can be a tricky, and not knowing your work colleagues very well can often create an awkward or unapproachable atmosphere.

It’s never too late to bring a team closer together.  Whether you’ve worked alongside your colleagues for years, or if you have a fresh new team – a team building activity can help you get to know each other better. Here are some Ice Breaking Team Events that will always help your team!

Break the Ice

Ice Breakers Team Building Activity

If your workplace feels a bit stale, your team needs to blow off some steam or if there are certain issues you want to be addressed, then we can come to you with a quick yet effective Conference Breakout and Icebreaker session is available in all states of Australia. Break The Ice will generate laughter and ease amongst your team

Fill It Up

Charity Fill it up Team Building Activity

Nothing will bring your team together quite like Fill It Up.

Each team has a mission to fill a trailer/bin or wheelbarrow with donatable goods within an allocated time frame.

Your team will scour, will beg, will request and will search for items to fill before your competition fills theirs.

The real incentive is not the race but the reward of these items being donated to charity.


Activate Experiential Team Building Activities 

Activate is a carefully selected sequence of team problem solving activities that will get your team working together. Customised to suit your team’s needs and learning outcomes, this program will unite your team. Activate iActivate is a wonderful option for your team as it will provide more insight into your team, allowing all members to learn about each other.

Drumming Experience Team Building

[playing African drum in a Drumming Team Building Activity 

Drumming Team Building Activity is great for communication

Music is a brilliant way to bring people together.

Our drummers come into the centre of the room winding through the crowd as they play high- energy rhythms that get people moving. Some start to move, some are clapping. People are already feeling relaxed.

The audience is then guided to the drumming arena. Each person finds a drum or percussion instrument and can’t help but join in. The group becomes a tribe. It seems so effortless. As they play people are connecting with each other in a way they have never experienced before. The most conservative of the group are surprised to find themselves so open to the experience. It seems so natural. The crystal clear rhythmic connection with the entire staff body is mind-blowing.

Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest - Amazing race team bonding activity 

Adventure Quest merges team building and technology into a fun outdoor “Adventure” that will leave participants laughing and reminiscing for weeks to come.

Using a new interactive app that operates on GPS technology and image recognition functionality. Teams will need to unlock a variety of challenges on their journey. This program is a combination of a scavenger hunt and an amazing race. The excitement starts all with the click of a button.The Adventure Quest provides the perfect opportunity for you and your teams to get to know each other, problem solve, and communicate.

Taking time outside of the work place can bring you and your colleagues closer together, and allow you to communicate on a more interpersonal level. We have a wide variety of activities to suit all sorts of goals you may have. If you require further assistance finding the right activity to suit you – we are here to help