Team Building Activities – Essential Steps

The first step a lot of people take in organising a Team Building Event is to start researching options.

As people with a lot of experience in this industry we suggest the following instead.

Before researching Team Building options think about what you are looking for. Establish 3 or 4 main criteria for what sort of event you would like. You can then research on those particular areas.

These can be as simple as:

1. Whether you would like it indoors or outdoors.

2. How Active would you like the activity to be – you need to think about the fitness levels and ages of your staff

3. Are you wanting something just for fun and team bonding or does it need to have learning and development outcomes.

4. What budget do I have. If you have some idea of budget we can guide you straight to the activity that will suit you. For example we have a range of Amazing Races from $700 to $5000 depending on what inclusions you would like. We have activities to suit most budgets. Remember we don’t run activities ourselves, we exist purely to help you find the right activity.

So contact Team Building Made Easy and we’ll help you organise a fantastic event for your team. It’s a free service. You will pay the same through us as you would if you booked directly with one of our registered providers.

Let us do all the hard work for you – your team will thank you.


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