Why ‘play’ is so crucial for emotional-well-being

The common notion that once we begin life in the world of work, finish our studies, and settle down into family life, we as adults have to adhere to certain, stricter rules of remaining in an established and somewhat stiffly-ruled compass of adulthood.

The idea of ‘play’ as adults is a healthy, and fun one. Studies show how letting go and somewhat reverting back to child-like behaviour every so often can do our mental health a world of good, and is a great stress-relief activity. It’s no surprise really, but how do we go about letting ourselves indulge in the otherwise child-orientated world of good old fashioned, fun?!

The natural instinct of ‘play’

Play researcher and psychiatrist Dr Stuart Brown explains:
“[play is]…state of being, purposeless, fun and pleasurable. For the most part, the focus is on the actual experience, not on accomplishing a goal”

Playing is a natural instinct, dogs do it, monkeys do it, goats do it, so why is it as adults we’re given a stigmatised, oppressive ideology when we think of adults playing? Not only is embracing play just pure fun, it’s mentally healthy, and can actually help you for when you do revert back to the convention of adulthood:

“Nothing lights up the brain like play. Three-dimensional play fires up the cerebellum, puts a lot of impulses into the frontal lobe — the executive portion — helps contextual memory be developed” Dr Stuart Brown, Play researcher and psychiatrist.

When we are around our children, it’s an obvious reason for us to revert to our own child-like behaviour, as during interaction with them we lower our mental-level to theirs. But what about when adults are not surrounded by children, or clowns, or hilarious cat videos? We’ve put together some of the best team building activities to help you and your colleagues let go, have fun, and indulge in some much-deserved adult-play!



Battle it out against your colleagues in a game of trivia

The challenges keep coming as teams battle to become the trivia whizzes of your company! With a never-ending series of brain-bursting puzzles, general knowledge tinglers and lateral thinking mind-benders, the group will get a very thorough mind workout in this popular program. Organise a Trivia event today!

Film Making

Creative film making team building activity


Let your creative side out and organise a film making team building event

In teams, you and your colleagues will work together to create a short TV advert relating to your company. You and your team members will select actors to star within the video, which will then be edited by your very own technical expert. This creative Film Making activity is bound to generate plentiful laughter amongst teams, and let you and your colleagues let go of any pent-up work stress.



Casino – Vegas fun

Casino Team Building Activity


Enjoy the glitz and glamour and high stakes in our Casino Team Building Activity

Bring Vegas to Australia without spending a dollar!

This fun-filled activity teaches individuals the art of casino games. You and your team will be allocated $10,000 play-money to spend at your favourite casino tables. Whether you’re a casino extraordinaire or a novice – this activity will generate interaction and laughter amongst everyone!

Get in touch!

We have an abundance of fun, engaging and creative team building activities all across Australia. Get in touch to find out more, and inject some laughter amongst your dedicated team!


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