5 Amazing Races for Team-Building

5 Amazing Races for Team-Building

28 April 2023 · 3 min read

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Team-building is a crucial aspect of company growth and health. Studies indicate that team building improves interpersonal relationships between coworkers. This makes more of a difference than it may seem.  

Why Practice Team Building?

Team-building increases opportunities for company workers to work together in a fun, relaxed environment, building trust. This strengthens their ability to work efficiently and productively as a team. Most people in today’s workforce know that the ability to work as a team is essential to facilitate workplace growth and success.

With Team Building Made Easy, amazing race team-building activities are within reach of any company that wishes to boost the atmosphere of inclusion, teamwork, and cooperation of their employees in their associated teams. Team Building Made Easy works for your company by providing quotes from businesses that host amazing race team-building activities. All your company needs to do is show up and have a great time. Regarding activities, there are a few fan favourites worth mentioning.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to learn how to cooperate with others. The great thing about scavenger hunts is their ability to open team members up to each other. Scavenger hunts require team members to listen to each other and learn their perspectives to accomplish the common objective of finding the objects on the shared list. Available in all states.

Amazing Go Race

The first of these amazing race team-building activities is the classic amazing race. Your team will follow a designated route that will have you stopping at numerous locations along the way to complete different challenges. This race is a timed event, but it’s not as simple as crossing the finish line first. Depending on how successful your team is at each of the challenges, you may be awarded with time credits or receive time penalties and these will all be applied to your final finish time. Available in all states.

Amazing Taste Trial

The amazing taste trial is a wonderful twist on scavenger-themed amazing race activities. These games focus on food, which is fantastic for the foodies in the group. As the teams work through the city, they will participate in various food challenges, such as food relays, creative food contests, and even blind wine-tasting. As the teams work through the different checkpoints, they will each have assorted duties and responsibilities necessary to complete the common goal. Available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Cooking-Amazing Race Food Trial

Another winner for food lovers among the amazing race activities is the food trial race. Teams of up to five members prepare a meal and race through the store to acquire the necessary ingredients to make their dish. This forces the groups to communicate with each other to get the right ingredients and make the dish correctly. Overall, it is a fun and tasty way to build cooperation and trust between coworkers. This activity is only available in Melbourne

Adventure Quest

This app based activity combines the scavenger hunt with the amazing race team-building activity in a fun and memorable way. Teams will work together to score points in a variety of ways. These activities include problem-solving and spontaneous challenges the team needs to solve together. Available in all states.

Something for Everyone

The fantastic bonus of Team Building Made Easy is that there is something for everyone. If a team member experiences some sort of physical or emotional challenge that may render some of these activities difficult, Team Building Made Easy can accommodate you, making team-building events a possibility for everyone.

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