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Amazing Races are the most popular Team Building Activity and are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. They are based on the popular TV show and include roadblocks, obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome within your team.

We have the largest range of Amazing Races in Australia. Scavenger hunts and Treasure Hunts are also options if you would like to stay in the one location. Our app based races can be designed for specific locations.

The races can be tailored to be as competitive as you want. They are also designed for corporate groups knowing that everyone’s fitness levels are different. So the fastest team may not be the winning team. It also depends on how many challenges you have done along the way and how well you have done them.

Objectives covered include:

– Problem Solving
– Communication
– Time Management
– Collaboration

Amazing Races can also be tailored to suit specific areas, objectives or teams needs.

Our blogs cover some of our most popular or unique amazing races. However, if you don’t see one you like – or are short on time – give us a call to discuss your needs. We can then advise you on which Amazing Races which best suit you and your team.

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