A good old-fashioned treasure hunt never gets boring, and even as adults, it can bring out the sides of us we once thought we’d left behind. Treasure Hunt’s can identify the competitive from the collaborative, the navigators from the aggravators, and for you and your employees – be an ultimate adventure day! Check out our top five treasure hunt activities to take part in this winter.

1. Hipster Homicide

Working on clues in the Hipster Homicide Team Building Activity
Checking out the clues in our Hipster Homicide Team Building Activity

Dig out your finest lens-less hipster glasses and your best detective hat and get to work on mind-bending mysteries around Sydney’s hipster capital – Surry Hills.

Hipster Homicide will see you working in teams to uncover the dark and dangerous underground world of an illegal hipster coffee trade. It’s serious business!

2. Treasure Hunt

the final stages of the Treasure hunt - seeing who has the right code to get into the Treasure chest
How well did your team do – do you have the right code to get into the Treasure chest

Clues don’t come easy in this Treasure Chest hunt! Trade your earned gold coins for clues and compete in a variety of challenges and activities as a team. With endless twists and turns, each team will be tested on their team-work, logic, and sequencing skills.

3. Amazing Fantastic Race

Small group of people with hands in the air celebrating the end of their amazing race
People celebrating at the end of their Amazing Race

This elaborate and incredibly fun adaptation of the Amazing Race will see each team face various challenges, encouraging team work, logistical thinking, and navigation. Depending on location, teams will have navigate their way to either the nearest Watering Hole or Casino, only they have a limited amount of supplies and public transport access is limited. We wouldn’t make it easy, would we!?

4. Pirates of the Swan

people dressed as pirates for Pirates of the Swan team building activity - involves sailing and a treasure hunt
Pirates of the Swan team building activity – involves sailing and a treasure hunt

A-hoy! Set sail and discover your inner-pirate with this sailing adventure, the Pirates of the Swan!

Put into teams, each team will sail down the Swan River to track down clues that can lead them to discovering a hidden treasure chest. Each team will have an experienced instructor on board to ensure safety (and fun!) is adhered to at all times.

5. Amazing Race – The Great Pursuit

people rowing in a long boat as part of an extra challenges in their amazing race in melbourne
Choose extra challenges as part of your amazing race in Melbourne

Take part in a exhilarating urban adventure, with a combination of orienteering and mental and physical exercises, there is something for everyone in this activity, plus it’s great for those of all ages and fitness levels. Not only is the Amazing Race – The Great Pursuit a great team building activity, but it provides teams with a unique way to explore the city and visit famous landmarks.

Beat those winter blues

Just because it’s becoming a bit chilly outside, doesn’t mean you or your team should go into hibernation! Quite the opposite – there’s plenty more team building activities all across Australia to help break up the Winter months designed to reinvigorate your team.


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