5 creative team building activities for your team

We might not all be blessed with the creativity of Monet, or have the elegant artistic talent of Michelangelo, but who’s to say art isn’t for everyone?

Let your team loose with the paintbrushes and discover your team’s ultimate creative streak with these top five art activities:

1. Team Diorama

Team Diorama collaborative team building activity.
Create a memorable diorama in this great activity

Team Diorama is a collaborative task and although teams will be responsible for their own 3D model, each group will need to work together to create a consistent flow in order to ensure that once all teams join their models together, their collaborative masterpiece will showcase the team’s vision.

2. The Picasso Factor

3 participants holding up the paintings they made in the Picasso art team building activity
Create your own art work in our creative art team building activities

Create a true masterpiece through collective team-work and collaboration. After a basic art lesson, each team will work together to craft something unique; highlighting which team members are innovative, creative and have that hidden artistic streak. The Picasso Factor is a true example of how something fantastic can be created when people work together!

3. Pottery classes

person creating a dish using a pottery wheel
learn how to create your own pottery masterpiece using a wheel in our pottery workshop

Roll up your sleeves and forget about the office with a relaxing pottery workshop. With a variety of fun activities to take part in, where exploring your imagination, individual expression, and inspiration are in abundance. Members will leave feeling relaxed and fulfilled, with their very own piece of art to take home!

4. Create a Mosaic

outdoor setting with large mosaics in the courtyard at our mosaic workshop
create your own mosaic at our team building workshops

Get colourful and creative with a wonderful day working either as a team or individually on a Mosaic! It is a great social activity, leaving you and your team feeling uplifted and happy. Perfect for team bonding and relaxing!

5. Art Team Masterpiece

paints, paintbrushes and pencils representing a creative team building workshop
We have a number of creative art team building workshops

Teamed with a professional artist, you will break through negative barriers and mind blocks to craft a masterpiece based around fun ideas and thoughts! This provides a great opportunity for teams to find a new way to represent their organisational vision, strategy, and values. There’s so much to be gained from the Art Team Masterpiece activity, everyone is guaranteed to have fun!

There are many more art team building activities for you to explore, with programmes designed to relax, rejuvenate, and excite you and your team members.

We’ll be more than happy to help find a team building activity perfect for you and your team, so why not get in contact with us today!


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