7 unique ‘Amazing Races’ in Sydney

Amazing Race Team Building Activities Sydney

It’s no surprise that the Sydney Amazing race is one of our most popular team building activities. It enhances every quality you could want in a corporate team building activity.This includes collaboration, communication, competition, trust, and delegation. Further it’s the most fun you have ever had with your colleagues. So grab your corporate team and race around one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

1.  Amazing Challenge

The Amazing Challenge team building activity begins with an exciting opening ceremony where your team will meet your charismatic race host. After a brief introduction of how the game will work the group will be split into teams. Each team is given their race kit including a checkpoint list and a map.

2. Smart Tech

Looking for a high tech state of the art Amazing Race using the latest iPad technology then look no further! It’s cool, fun and engaging. Teams will each receive an iPad and are encouraged to think SMART. Teams set out to find landmarks, solve clues, complete fun photo and video based missions all shot using their iPads. Throughout the race the event facilitator will instantly message teams with live score updates. As well as extra bonus missions enabling them to earn more points. As teams complete certain missions, this automatically unlocks hidden missions, further giving teams the chance to earn more points. Throw in GPS tracking/mapping, QR codes, social media, some exciting and unique detours and roadblocks and you have one awesome adventure experience.

3. Go Race

This amazing race is very flexible and heaps of fun! It normally takes place in the CBD but can be adjusted to the area most convenient for your group. Go Race uses QR code technology and your phones to provide directions and instructions to get to the next checkpoint. All of the action takes place on foot, so no need to worry about the logistics of public and private transport. Go Race is lots of fun and with activities that involve paddle bats and balls, mystery challenges and interactive puzzles it definitely will bring the whole team together.

4. Great Race

 In this race teams or ‘countries’ must decided on the quickest method of getting from A to B. It is always a mad race to the finish line, utilising all that your team has learned and earned along the way.

5.  City Scramble

Bond with your team by discovering the “treasures” of your city in a scavenger hunt style event. Combining a high level of teamwork, commitment and fun your team will need to be at their best to come out on top!

The Amazing Scramble is a perfect team building event. It encourages strategy, communication, navigation and the ability to follow instructions. Throw in history, local trivia and customised corporate information if you wish, and you have the makings of a great outdoor team building event.

6. Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest merges team building and technology into a fun outdoor “Adventure” that will leave participants laughing and reminiscing for weeks to come.

Using a new interactive app that operates on GPS technology and image recognition functionality. Teams will need to unlock a variety of challenges on their journey. This program is a combination of a scavenger hunt and an amazing race. The excitement starts all with the click of a button.

Adventure Quest ticks all the boxes for fun and teamwork that provides you with complete flexibility. It is the perfect program for any team building or social event and is an excellent choice for your end of year Christmas party.

7.  Starlight to shine

Looking for a way to combine team building? Help raise funds for sick kids whilst competing in a fun and exciting Amazing Race event!

The concept behind ‘Race to Shine’ is a fun Amazing Race team building program with all challenges themed around The Starlight Children’s Foundation. The event begins with an exciting introduction where you meet your gregarious, engaging hosts, all of who are professional actors.

So… start racing

What are you waiting for? Get your team and start interacting with each other, trusting each other and working efficiently together. Any amazing race will have your team building the most fundamental qualities of a successful team without even realising it. Ask about our Virtual option as well.

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