Top 15 Problem-Solving Team Building Activities To Develop Your Team

28 April 2023 · 9 min read

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Top 15 Problem-Solving Team Building Activities To Develop Your Team.

There are many common workplace challenges. However, if you prepare and have the ability to handle unexpected situations this will assist you. Likewise, there are a variety of ways to develop problem-solving skills. This article starts with basic information and main benefits. We will then list our top 15 Problem-solving team building activities to develop you team.
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What are Team Building Problem-Solving Activities?

Problem-Solving is a process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
It is a skill of defining and the ability to identify and solve problems. This needs to be achieved in an effective and timely manner. That is, finding solutions to implement to resolve the problem.
You can solve most problems by using the right techniques. Ultimately these can be learned through various problem-solving exercises. All processes of problem-solving begin with identifying and defining the problem. Thereafter, you evaluate possible courses of action and select the best approach for solving the problem.

Generally speaking, Problem-Solving goes with Decision Making. Both of these activities occur as part of everyone’s work day. However, they are often completed with varying degree’s of skill and success.

Problem-Solving Team Building Activities and Skills for Work.

It is important to realise that there are further skills to assist with problem-solving.  For example, according to ProProfs project article, problem-solving is a skill that improves creativity. Furthermore it allows you to execute and deliver projects expertly. Problem-Solving Team Building Activities to Improve Team Creativity.

  • Logical skills
  • Quick thinking ability
  • Logical reasoning
  • Perseverance, Motivation skills
  • Joint effort
  • Team skills
  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Decision-making skills, Leadership skills
  • Visual perception skills
  • Initiative
  • Critical thinking skills, Negotiation skills

Team Building Activities to Improve Problem-Solving.

Problem-solving skills make a huge difference to your career and are highly sort after by employees. Ultimately, companies rely on employees to identify and solve problem. Understanding what the underlying issues are is the first step in solving a problem.
According to an article by Tim Hick – there are Seven Steps for Effective Team Building Problem-Solving for work

  1. Identify the issues. That is, be clear about what the problem is.
  2. Understand everyone’s interests. This is a critical step and often missed.
  3. List the possible solutions. A time for brainstorming and creativity.
  4. Evaluate the options. Ultimately looking at the positives and negatives.
  5. Select an option/s. Generally speaking, what is the best option to choose? Can you put a number of options together to strengthen the solution?
  6. Document the agreement. It is important not to rely on memory. In essence writing everything down often allows you to think through all the details.
  7. Agree on contingencies and assessment. In the final analysis conditions may change. Therefore, you will need to monitor and make alternate plans.

He further suggests that effective problem-solving takes time and attention.

As can be seen, each step in the process require different skills. The level of your skills may determine the success of your approach.

Why is Problem-Solving Important in a Team?

Problem-solving skills help you determine the source of a problem and find an effective solution. Problem-solving is a skill. However, there are other related skills that contribute to this ability. As a result, effective problem-solving may also require industry or job-specific technical skills.

Team building activities to improve problem-solving are an effective way to develop skills required. In order to be effective at problem-solving it is wise to work on and develop key skills.

Therefore, group problem-solving activities enable your team to develop and enhance. 

Ultimately, Team Building problem-solving activities for adults expose your team to different activities. In addition, they require a variety of skills in order to solve the problem. Further, this can be an eye-opening time for managers as they see their teams strengths and weaknesses in a different light. For example, a quiet team member may think things through and excel. In comparison, another person may jump straight in. Thus, not looking at all the effects of their actions. Obviously,  it is important to make sure that skills and insights transfer into the work place

team building activities to improve problem solving

How can I improve my problem-solving skills at work?

In order to be effective at problem-solving it is wise to develop some key skills. According to an article by Skills You Need to be effective at Problem-solving you require the following skills.


To solve most problems you either use intuition or a systematic approach. Generally speaking, intuition is used when no new knowledge is needed to solve the problem. This means, you know enough to be able to make a quick decision and solve the problem. Then again, you can use your common sense or experience to solve the problem. However, if problems are complex, or not experienced before, then you require systematic and logical approach to solve them. Furthermore, this will require you to use creative thinking. Ultimately, Teamwork problem-solving games enhance creativity.

Researching Skills.

Usually defining and solving problems require some type of research. For example, this may be a simple Google search or for more complex problems a rigorous research project. However, conducting a thorough analysis helps to identify what the core issue is. Obviously, insight in to the core of the problem will make it is easier to find a solution. For the most part, Problem-solving team building activities for work require an element of research. Additional planning will also assist to come up with solutions.

Team Working.

Many work problems are best approached with a team. That is, defining the issues and solve the problem with input of other people. On the whole, group problem-solving activities can assist teams to develop skills required. Thus, they can effectively approach and solve problems within the workplace. Remember to be open to input from others. That is, it is important to listen to other people’s ideas. In the end this can save you a lot of time in researching the problem.

Emotional Intelligence.

By and large, it is worth considering the impact that a problem and/or its solution has. In addition, the ability to recognise emotions will help guide you to an appropriate solution.  Emotional intelligence skills are Personal and Social skills. For example – Self awareness, empathy and motivation.

Risk Management.

However, solving a particular problem may involve a certain amount of risk. Therefore, the amount of risk needs to weigh against not solving the problem. Good Team building activities to improve problem-solving will also have an element of risk. That is, you need to check and assess solutions.

Decision Making.

Problem-solving and decision-making are related skills. Accordingly, the act of making a decision is an important component of the problem-solving process. In fact, you may face various options and alternatives. Therefore, will be required to make a decision as to which path to choose in order to achieve the best outcome. Hence, Problem-solving and decision-making activities are effective ways to practice.

In conclusion, Problem-solving skills are the ability to handle difficult or unexpected situations. This includes completing tasks of complex business challenges. Therefore, companies need to rely on people who can assess the situation and identify solutions. Ultimately, Problem-solving skills are important traits that enable you to do that. Therefore, employers value the development of problem-solving skills. Furthermore, they can be highly useful in other areas of people’s lives. For example in relationship building and day-to-day decision-making that is life


Why is problem-solving important in a team?

Teams that have great problem-solving skills will have a competitive advantage. For example, here are a few advantages that you can expect from Team Problem- Solving Activities.
  1. Risk Management. It is important to realise, risks or undesired events may occur. Using problem-solving skills can turn risks into advantages.
  2. Information. Problem-solving skills allow you to solve issues without focussing on blame. Further, fostering team interactions leads to better conclusions.
  3. Improved production. Ultimately, problem-solving has a positive outcome on production. Further, you can implement solutions quickly and efficiently.
  4. A proactive mindset. A proactive mindset enables identifying and executing the solution to a specific problem. That is, selecting the best solution. This is possible when you have mastered problem-solving and decision-making activities.
Read further about the Importance of Team Building Activities.

Problem-solving and Decision-making Activities.

It is important to remember not all problems are the same. Thus, the same solution will not work all problems. In addition, the type of problems vary according to the size, type, and goals of your company. Likewise, solutions will be different for each. Therefore, making problem-solving team building activities for work vital. Team problem-Solving Activities are of great importance to companies. In Addition, teamwork problem-solving games benefits include:
  • Making the impossible possible. Knowledge alone is not always the key to solving problems. Rather, it works together with systematic problem-solving approaches.
  • Makes you a stand out. People often just to do the same thing over and over, not really thinking what they are doing. Therefore, reducing their ability to think outside the box and solve unexpected issues. If you regularly solve problems at your workplace you will stand out from the crowd and be seen as a thought leader.
  • Increase confidence. The more you are able to solve problems at work or within your own life you will gain confidence.
With this in mind, it can be seen that Problem-solving is vital both to people and companies. That is, it enables us to exert control over our environment. Further, Problem-solving gives us a mechanism for identifying these things. That is, figuring out why they are broken and determining a course of action to fix them.

What are Team building activities to improve problem-solving?

Choosing a team problem-solving activities are a great way to develop your teams skills. Further, they are fun and run in a stress-free environment. Furthermore, Teamwork problem-solving games enable you to observe the teams strengths and weaknesses. Team Building problem-solving activities for work, have the added benefits of improving connections. They also encourage cooperation and group interaction. These are important skills in every career at every level. As stated earlier Team building problem-solving activities for adults are a great way to enhance your teams skills. Like any skill, they develop through practice. For this reason, team members should be open-minded to alternate ideas and solutions. Through teamwork problem-solving games, you learn to collaborate and be flexible. That is, share ideas and learn from each other. While most problems are unique to a situation, they do share common components. That is, following a guide will allow you to resolve most problems. How to approach Team Building Problem-solving Activities
  • Preparation. Firstly you identify the problem. In addition, you need to discover all you can about the issue. You can not move out of this step until the problem has been well-defined.
  • Plan. Secondly, develop the course, or several courses of action.
  • Perform. Thirdly, it’s time to take action. In this step you need to find the best action and implement it.
  • Perfect. Finally, evaluate the process. Were you successful? Could you do something better or different?

What are team building problem-solving activities?

Team work Problem-solving games test leadership skills and decision-making processes. The ultimate aim is for teams to become efficient at problem-solving activities. Therefore, ultimately being able to solving real-world problems in the workplace.

Our top 15 Team Building problem-solving activities.

Team Building Problem-Solving Activities for Adults.

Team building problem-solving activities like these provide opportunity for teams to interact. Furthermore, it is done in a safe environment. That is, without team members feeling overwhelmed by unexpected events. In addition, allowing the team to be comfortable taking risks and thinking outside the box. In the corporate world, problem-solving is essential to progress and thrive. It is a highly sought skill by employers and managers alike.

Team Problem-solving activities are perfect events to explore how to be an effective team. Further, assisting you to develop as a united team.

There are many articles that provide DIY problem-solving activities for your team.
Here are a couple of our favourite options:
Top 20 Problem-Solving Activities for Your Team to Master.
Problem-Solving Games, Activities and Exercises for Adults

Team Problem-Solving Activities.

In Conclusion, Problem-solving and decision-making activities need to be practised and perfected. This should be done on an ongoing basis. This will therefore allow you to apply them effectively when required. Doing problem-solving activities on your own is one way to improve. However, group problem-solving activities are much more interesting. This means learning and having fun don’t have to be mutually exclusive. And you can create a stronger team at the same time. The best teams see solutions where others see problems. A great company culture is built around a united spirit. 

Here are our Top 15 Team Building Activities for Small Team and Groups to Build a Great Team.

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