Spice Up your Conference Dinner

Our top 6 Team Building Events

Conferences are fun and can bring in new opportunities to any business, but they can also be physically tiring, leaving even the most enthusiastic employee feeling drained. Concluding a conference day with an impressive team-building dinner, complete with engaging activities, can invigorate the team and provide valuable context to the day’s proceedings.

A team dinner at the end of your conference can be the perfect way to wrap things up. Make it special by including an activity that will encourage bonding and can incorporate objectives from your day. We have handpicked 6 fantastic events that can be combined with your dinner to add fun and make your conference truly memorable.

1. Take a gamble with a Casino Event

Gambling Party

Bring the Casino to you. Casino Event brings genuine, full size casino tables to your venue of choice and staff them with fun, friendly croupiers who are great at teaching the games as well as entertaining your crowd. Everyone can participate even if they’re casino regulars or newbies. This exciting tournament format ensures that nobody ever “goes broke” and everyone has a chance to win until the last cards are dealt.

2. Get Trivial with a fun kind of challenge

Trivia Challenge is the perfect in-between courses entertainment. Your team gets to choose which old school trivia activity they want to compete in. You can choose between Ultimate Trivia, Family Feud, and Sort It, or combine a few throughout the course of your meal. The aim is to earn as many points as possible and beat the competition in a battle of general knowledge. Trivia Challenge is very flexible in terms of numbers and location.

3. Spend the evening at the Races

House Party

Are you feeling lucky? At the Races is an activity that focuses on risk taking, negotiating, strategy development, communication and fun.
This excellent team building activity incorporates real horses, real callers and real jockeys battling it out on the big screen. It’s as close as the real thing as you can get. This event can last up to 3 hours and can be set up in any state in Australia.

4. Indulge your team in a Murder Mystery

Become part of an unusual case of murder and mayhem based on one of 19 different themes. Murder Mystery – Whodunit is a team building event to remember.

Each participant will play a role in the mystery, be it a suspect or a detective. See people in a whole new light. Dynamics can change unexpectedly as the mystery unfolds. Each participant will need to think logically, learn to go along with the teams, explore outside of their comfort zones and more.

Murder Mystery – Whodunit can take up to 3 hours, including a meal. Larger groups of 80-100 can be accommodated but with staging and sound equipment.

5. Make it festive with challenges under a minute

Build the crowd’s anticipation by adding 60-second challenges to your team conference dinner. Win it in a Minute Challenges brings the popular game show format to you.

Teams are given deceptively difficult tasks using household items. With over 15 games to choose from and the company pride on the line, each participant needs to win it in a minute for their respective teams. This is a perfect activity to help teams unwind and develop rapport.

6. From start to finish

dinner spread

Since a conference dinner is already planned, why not include the cooking as well? Consider a Cooking activity as an energiser before the main evening event. What a better way to start than by working together as a team to create your meal. We have many Cooking Team Building activities available to make your dinner memorable. You can also add in a wine tasting experience or a masterchef-like competition theme, depending on what you and the team would prefer.

So there you have it, the best 6 evening team building activities that can add excitement to your team building dinner during the conference. Considering the commitment your team puts into company conferences and other events, it’s only right to provide them with the opportunity to enjoy themselves as a well-earned reward.


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