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9 Signs it is healthy :

Do you arrive to work on Monday mornings with a smile on your face? Do you genuinely enjoy the company of your colleagues? Do you have a clear purpose for the business and for your team members? If you answered yes to these questions then you probably work in a healthy workplace culture.

No longer are employees willing to work 9-5 at a job with people they do not like nor respect. Considering that a healthy mind and well being contributes to better work productivity, it is understandable that employees expect more of their social needs to be met at the office

This is why more and more people look for companies with great workplace environment. Here are 9 indicators that you’re working in such an ideal set-up:

1. Communication is strong

Communication is healthy and constant between members of your team and through different levels of the organisation. If there are new changes implemented, there’s an organised flow of announcement from the higher ups towards the employees. Exchange of ideas are also encouraged. Employees are motivated to voice their opinions. Some senior managers might even have an open door policy.

colleagues communicating
Workplace culture – requires communication

2. People speak positively of one another

There is nothing more destructive to a healthy corporate culture than malicious gossip. The way team members talk about each other is usually a mirror of how leaders talk about their employees behind their backs. It’s a lot easier to quell negative dialogue if you have a mature, kind leader. However, you have the power to change the tone of your team on an individual level by refusing to involve yourself in gossip and discouraging it whenever possible. Great teams feel completely natural complementing one another. If there is a dispute between two employees it is dealt with one-on-one or with the boss or HR.

3. Feedback is provided regularly

Regular feedback from management on how individuals are progressing in their role is essential to any healthy work culture. Feedback should be far more often than the traditional annual performance review. It can range from simple one-liners such as “Good job.” to a full email of commendation or constructive criticism, whichever is more appropriate. Negative feedback should be provided but in a professional and constructive manner, letting the employee know the mistake and some suggestions on how to fix the situation or prevent it from happening the next time. Regular feedback is like a ‘pulse check’ assessing the health of the individual components of the team.

provide feedback to improve your workplace culture
Workplace culture – feedback

4. Staff retention is high

When people have been there for years without any intention of leaving, it can indicate that staff understand how great their workplace is. While people in leadership positions may not want to leave even in poor workplace cultures, entry-level or mid-level longevity is a good sign that something is going right. Particularly in retail, hospitality and IT where turnover is traditionally high.

5. Leadership encourages mobility

A leader who is insecure of their position is likely to sabotage attempts by staff to climb the corporate ladder, creating a stifling and inflexible workplace. If your boss encourages upward movement you are definitely working in an environment that’s healthy for your career development.

6. Staff spend time together outside the office

If employees genuinely like each other enough to spend time outside of the office then it is a good sign that you have a healthy work culture. A good way to encourage friendliness between employees is to break the ice first. Have lunch together, plan after work drinks on a Friday and restrict the amount you are allowed to talk about work. There are co-workers who have survived living together by following the rule of no talking about work outside the office.

7. Humour is encouraged and commonplace

If you know you are going to have a good laugh every time you go to work then you’re probably not dreading Monday morning as much than the regular worker. Humor and friendly chats between employees should be encouraged, not only does it make the workplace far more enjoyable to be in but also stimulates creativity and allows workers to complete tasks in a fraction of the time. Our minds work most effectively when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves.

man smiling in an office that has good workplace culture
Workplace culture workshop

8. Everyone feels they have a purpose

Having a purpose is deeply important for each human being. It is vital for your organisation that every single person should have a clear goal. If your employee wants to be a leader, provide a path for them and check how they are progressive along it. You will get far better work from them and they will feel more motivated. Everyone in your company should be striving towards the same ultimate goal, but you as the leader should be aware of the individual paths of your employees. It will help you to get to know them better and help them motivate themselves in their work.

9. People want to be apart of your team

If people want to join your team, regardless of whether or not you offer the most competitive salary, it indicates that your company has a great culture. It shows that your employees, perhaps unconsciously, are advertising your company as something special or something different than other companies. As a result, a great workplace culture gives you the advantage of getting better hires.

If your company doesn’t have a lot of the items listed, don’t worry. Now you know where to start in terms of creating a better culture for your organisation.

How can you create a healthy corporate culture?

Having an emotionally intelligent, involved leader is the most important step to creating a great workplace culture. Without a great leader it is hard to encourage staff to change their habits. But it’s not impossible.

A combination of team building events can help establish good team habits, dissuade negativity and refine the common goals of a team. Creating and maintaining a healthy workplace culture is an ongoing process but one that will make your company far more successful and enjoyable for every person working there.

improve workplace culture through team building activities


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