7 Warm Winter Team Building Activities

Worried about the cold? Know team morale will be low if you are running around in the rain? No need to fear, there are plenty of fantastic indoor team building activities perfect to suit your team during the cold winter months.

Active team building activity

1. Take team building to the roof with In Motion Workout

Is your team energetic and competitive? If the answer is yes then they will love the Indiana Jones style obstacle course they have to conquer in teams of 6-10 in the Adventure Studio. Activities available include jumping from a 9-metre roof into a foam pit, swinging across the room on swinging rings, rock climbing up the hanging wall of Fools, Olympic trampolining and climbing horizontally across the walls. In Motion Workout will certainly get the blood pumping and teams encouraging each other to achieve incredible feats of agility and strength. This team building activity is amazing fun for young, healthy, agile teams.


Indoor team building activity

2. Master the art of Delegation in Minute to Win it

We have said this before and we will say it again: Minute to Win It is a perfect team building activity. Inclusive, challenging and hilariously fun this activity, based off the hit TV show, makes teams compete in a number of 1-minute challenges varying in difficulty. Teams have to delegate a member who they think will best complete the assigned challenge in just 60 seconds. The challenges are delightfully silly like ‘Bite the Bickie’ where a contestant must move three Oreos individually from forehead to mouth using only their facial muscles. This indoor activity will have everyone warm, happy, and in stitches laughing.


Indoor musical team building activity

3. Has your Office Got Talent?

Discover the hidden talents of your colleagues in ‘Has your office got talent?’ a fun and interactive team building activity. Your group is divided into teams who have to work together to discover their ‘talent’ however obscure or impressive it may be. Has your office got talent encourages your group to work together, support each other and get creative. You also get to watch your colleagues attempt to sing, dance, act or even do acrobatics! ‘Has your Office got talent’ is an incredibly entertaining indoor activity.



Murder Mystery team building activity

4. Step into someone else’s shoes in Murder Mystery – Whodunit

You are plunged into the midst of a very unusual murder case with a whole new personality and costume accessories to match! Roleplaying activites like Murder mystery – whodunit are fantastic dinner party activities. Once everyone has warmed up and had a few wines by the fire, stepping into character and embracing the ‘Thank God You’re Here’ style activities become easy and fun. This activity ranges between 90 minutes to 3 hours if including a meal.



Wine and cheese tasting team building activity

5. Discover your inner sommelier with Wine Blending – Grape to Glass

Teams compete to create their very own winning blend of wine. Facilitated by a Hunter Valley Winemaker teams are taught the tricks of the trade there will be lots of smelling, swirling and optional amounts of ‘spitting’. Not only do teams have to create a beautiful tasting wine they also have to create a beautiful looking label. The winning drop will be made for all the teams as a take home prize and reminder of the conference they attended. Wine blending Grape to Glass is a fantastic winter team building activity. It requires communication, decision making and creativity, set against delicious wine tasting.


Chocolate making team building activity

6. Fill up on your very own Chocolate with Chocolate Making

Doesn’t chocolate just taste better in winter? Take your team for a chocolate making workshop this winter to discover for yourself! Learn a brief history or chocolate, how it is made and the difference between white, milk and dark. Everyone then chooses a mould to fill with as many or as few flavours as they like. The organizers only ask for a healthy chocolate appetite, they can teach you the rest. Group size ranges from 10-35.



dancing team building activity

7. Dance it all away with Dance – Team Building

If eating and drinking doesn’t do it for you how about trying dancing for your team building activity? Corporate dance lessons and classes are the perfect way to get your team interacting with one another while moving their bodies and doing some exercise. Dancing is a great way to make people comfortable with one another. Trust is an essential quality in any dance routine whether it be trust in your instructor, trust in your partner or trust in your feet to follow the rhythm. If that doesn’t convince you then did you know that dancing is proven to improve cognitive capabilities by 20%! Dance – Team Building is a fantastic indoor activity to refresh your bodies and brains.



Go Wild Inside

Just because the weather isn’t sunny and warm does not mean that you have to miss out on great Team Building Activities. Keep your team warm, dry, happy and enriched this Winter with fun and rewarding indoor activities.


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