Start 2016 with some team building activities

January and February are notoriously slow months in offices, but that doesn’t mean you have to loose the momentum, instead use this time to work on your team processes and improve the streams of communication, leadership and increase motivation! This is your opportunity to get your team ready for the year that lies ahead.

Did you get around to having an annual Christmas party? If not then it’s time to take your team out and have some fun! At Team building Made Easy we have a wide selection of fun, practical and effective activities to get you ready for the new year! Make the most of Summer with these great team building activities!


1. Run into the New Year with Amazing Race – All States Adventure

Amazing Race all states - team completing a challenge
Amazing Race all states

To really kickstart the year why not do an amazing race? All States Adventure can be held in your local area and adapted to any outdoor location. Teams learn the importance of communication, positivity and helping each other through all challenges. The great part about the Amazing Race – All States Adventure is that is caters for all skill levels making it a fantastic and inclusive team building activity.

2. Express your inner Artiste in Art – Painting Unleashed, Wild Abstract

Art Team Building participate doing drip painting
Art team building activity – unleash your teams creativity

Release your inner Jackson Pollock and get creative with a canvas in this wonderful team-building event. Teams work together, expressing their own unique brand of ‘art’ upon a canvas with the help of an artist and assistants. The great part about Art – Painting Unleashed, Wild Abstract is that you get to keep a beautiful memento of your work to hang in the office.


3. Cook up a storm this new year in Cooking – Lets Get Cooking

team gathered around a bench participating in a Lets get cooking team building activity
Lets get cooking team building activity

Test how well your team performs under pressure in Let’s Get Cooking! Teams compete to make a delicious meal using a common main ingredient, once complete the meals are assessed against each other by a panel of judges. To top it all off, everyone gets to sit down at the end of the day and eat their own creations! All of the food and utensils are provided as well as winning team medallions and transport to the shops if required!


4. Start 2016 with kindness in It’s A Playground

give back to your local community with a Charity team building activities
Charity team building activities

Start the New Year by giving back to your community! It’s A Playground sees teams to build a whole kid’s playground for charity! Team members are assigned tasks such as team leaders, foremen and workers in order to make the playground on site. The greatest part of this activity is when team members see faces of the children they have created the playground for! It is a beautiful event for a beautiful cause.


5. Explore the waters of Melbourne in Melbourne City Kayaking

team members kayaking the water ways  of Melbourne with this active team building activity
Explore the water ways of Melbourne with this active team building activity

Kayaking is a great team building activity for smaller groups who want to spend some time getting to know each other. Physically exerting and heaps of fun this trip up or down the Yarra (depending on how fierce your team is) is a great tour of Melbourne and greater way of allowing your team a chance to get to know each other, and their city, a little better.


6. Beg, borrow and steal for Scavenger Hunt

a group dressed in mexican clothes enjoying their Scavenger hunt team building activity
Scavenger hunt team building activity

Explore your CBD on foot in a very silly Scavenger Hunt! This scavenger hunt will have you collecting random items, taking photos, asking questions, meeting people and exploring parts of your city you never knew existed! This activity is heaps of fun and will have your team bonding as much as they are laughing. A great choice for groups that deserve a well needed Christmas party!


7. Get competitive in Sports Battle

team having fun on the beach in our competitivebeach olympics team building activity
Get competitive with our beach olympics team building activity

Sports Battle will take you right back to the fun of school carnivals! Perfect in a beach or park setting, your team will compete in games of Volleyball, Dodge Ball, Ultimate Frisbee and Tug-O-War. If you have a larger group teams will compete in a round robin style tournament until only 1 winner remains!


8. Make the most of the warm weather in White Water Rafting

 White water rafting team building activity
Push your team to try something new with our White water rafting team building activity

Embrace what remains of Summer and organise a White Water Rafting activity for your active team. No experience is required for this thrilling sporting event which can take place in 3 hours or over 10 days depending on how much time you have to dedicate to this team bonding event! There are a selection of different rapid tours that have a mix of great rapids, beautiful scenery and interesting history. So don’t waste any time and book your team in for this thrilling activity! If you are looking for other high intensity adventurous activities, check out our list of Adventurous team building activities.


Kick off the New Year with Fun

The New Year is the perfect time to start working on streamlining your teams communication, delegation and leadership skills to get them ready for the busy months that lie ahead. The weather is great, your team are nice and relaxed from their time off and ready to absorb some new skills and processes. So why not take your team out for a few hours and get a high return on investment! For more information on team building activities to suit your team contact us and we will find you the perfect one!


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