Top 15 Cooking and Cocktail team building activities to unite your team

Cooking Team Building Activities

There’s no better way to unite people than through food. With a cooking team building activity as your choice you’ve got a winning event. Cooking Team building activities allow team members to work together to prepare food, this is where they generate new ideas and can build stronger bonds with their colleagues.  If you are looking for a professional, fun, rewarding and delicious way to bring your team members together, then look no further.

The activities require time management, communication and collaboration. You also receive the added bonus of sitting down and eating your wonderful creations together while bonding as a team. There is also no need to worry about the weather, so it is a great all year round event.  

Culinary team building activities
Team Building activities cooking classes
Cooking Team Building Activities

Team Building activities cooking classes

Cooking challenges are the Ultimate Team Building Activity. Food and any type of Team Building Activity that includes food will bring people together and help create relationships. Cooking together as a team is a sure success. According to an article by Team working a Cooking Team Building activity is the perfect activity to bring together your team with fun, but also as a relational and relaxing moment that everybody can share while cooking together and then… eating. Cooking team building activities are extremely adaptable and can be used as part of a conference dinner, a stand alone lunch/dinner or even a charity event.

Benefits include:

  • Motivate and improve team spirit
  • Improve communication within the team
  • Team Collaboration
  • Increase trust among the team members
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Improve leadership/team efficiency
  • Demonstrate the importance of the contribution of each team member
  • Learn a new skill to impress your family and friends
  • Have a common goal
  • Builds trust

Culinary team building activities can also be a great option if you do not have a huge budget – as they provide not only a team building activity but also a meal and social time for your team.

AZ Big Media also wrote an article on Cooking Team Building Activities that is very helpful. They write that a cooking team building exercise is a delicious way to enhance how well your team works together. They also advise some additional benefits to be gained from team building and cooking include:

Improve Self Esteem

Cultural Awareness

Improves Individual Strengths

Better Social Skills

Increase in Productivity

Culinary team building activities

Team Building Made Easy has the perfect cooking activities to suit all teams. From 3 courses, Pizza, Chocolate and even cooking for Charity. Many menus are able to be customised and dietary requirements catered for. 

We have many more options available – some with purpose built venues and also mobile that can come to you or a venue of your choice.

To give you some inspiration, here are our Top 15 incredible Team Building cooking classes that will make office celebrations a success.

Melbourne Pizza Making Class.

Learn to make authentic Italian pizza, during this 2 hour unique, cultural experience. Using the finest quality ingredients and traditional Italian recipes. Great activity for a Christmas party or as a Team get together.

Held at a purpose built venue in Docklands Melbourne. 

Create beautiful melt-in-your-mouth Neapolitan style pizza in this authentic Italian Pizza Making Class in Melbourne. Learn about the history of pizza and let this cooking class take you to Italy.

Team Chef. 

A culinary team building activity like no other. Your team will produce the ultimate fine dining experience. From shopping for ingredients, setting and decorating the table, designing a menu and cooking a main meal for everyone to enjoy. 

This activity is approximately 3-4 hours but can also be tailored to suit your needs.

This is a mobile Cooking Team Building Activity and can be held throughout the whole of Australia

Cooking Team Building Sydney. 

A flexible event that everyone is sure to enjoy from the novice to experienced cook. Themes for this activity include Mexican Madness, Spanish Paella and Tapas, Fabulous French, Aussie BBQ and the classic 3 course set menu. For an added challenge, participants can also choose to add a Mystery Box Challenge that will push creative boundaries.

This activity is approximately 2.5-3 hours to allow enough time for everyone to cook their meals and sit down to dine and enjoy their creations. Held at a purpose built venue in Neutral Bay, Sydney

Corporate Cooking Canberra.

After a welcoming drink and introduction, our chefs will run through your chosen menu and demonstrate any relevant techniques.  Once the group is divided into smaller teams to work on components of the menu. These culinary team building activities work towards a united goal of delivering ‘service’ at a predefined time. Your team will learn valuable cooking skills. The team will then sit down to enjoy the delicious food from their team efforts.

Held at a purpose built venue in Canberra. Can also add a “Foodie Run” challenge.

Corporate Cooking Challenge.

You will shop, prep, cook and face the judges before enjoying your amazing creation.

Your teams will learn how to cook 3 signature dishes, Entrée, Main and desert during their 3 hour event. With five cuisines to choose  European, Asian, Vegetarian/Vegan, Middle Eastern or French. A menu will be designed with your input or can be left to the Chef.

Held at a purpose built venue in Adelaide – may also be able to be run at a venue of your choice.

Brisbane Master Chef Challenge.

Specialising in Team building activities, this cooking class is particularly good as it breaks down the office hierarchical structures. It is a fun way to create healthy competition, while allowing management to see Leadership styles in the team and create a great environment for colleagues to bond. In this kitchen, there are no followers or leaders.

Several menu options to suit any type of team including Modern Thai fusion, a taste of the Mediterranean, ‘Mystic Middle East’, A taste of Tuscany, Spanish Tapas and many more.

Held at a purpose built cooking school in Brisbane

Melbourne Cuisine Experience.

Not your ordinary corporate group cooking class, there are no recipes or slide shows or lecturing, the activity is held in a playful arena where you and your team can build connections, make great memories and make healthy and freshly made food. 

Menu’s include: Vietnamese,Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Dumplings, Pizza

Held in a purpose built venue in Richmond, VIC. 

Hands on cooking class.

You can learn how to cook any cuisine, be it Italian, Thai, Indian, Spanish, French, or Mexican. It’s a good fun easy going team bonding activity that everyone will love.

our group will be broken up into teams and then given recipes to work from, with guidance from the chef. Once the meals are cooked, teams get to sit down, eat together and enjoy a drink.

Held at a purpose built venue in Perth, WA

Cooking – BBQ battles.

Let the battle begin. Teams will unleash their culinary creativity by cooking up a storm on their Aussie BBQ, the only question remains is can your team handle the heat and take out the opposition.

This team building cooking program is designed to be fun whilst allowing teams to showcase their communication, delegation, time management and creativity skills.

This is a mobile activity and can be run throughout ACT, NSW, QLD and VIC

Charity Mystery box activity.

This activity can make a difference in people’s lives, while your team gets to bond and work as a group

The Challenge for this 2 hour activity is to cook your best dish with the Mystery Box of ingredients. The Mystery box contains everything you need including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, diary and all dry stores.

Two members of the winning team will assist and deliver the rest of the food to the homeless centre.

Held at a purpose built venue in Perth, WA

Cooking for Charity.

A powerful team building program that requires teams to work together to design and then cook a number of delicious dishes. The reward is then the donation and delivery of these culinary masterpieces to a worthy charity at the end of the event.

You can choose either a mystery box or have the full shopping experience. Your team’s creativity and teamwork will then be put to the test as they plan and cook an entire meal.

This is a mobile Cooking Team Building Activity and can be held throughout the whole of Australia

Amazing cake off.

An outrageous team building program that allows your team to let the creative juices flow as they design and create the best cake possible. Armed with all the equipment necessary, teams must work together, communicate and delegate as they plan, build and shape their vision into reality.

The program does not require full kitchen facilities, however access to a sink would be advantageous.

This is a mobile Cooking Team Building Activity and can be held throughout the whole of Australia

Belgian Chocolate Making.

An experience like no other. A master Chocolatier helps you discover mouth-watering recipes, while you can indulge your sweet tooth with a guided chocolate tasting before popping on your apron to try your hand at tempering chocolate on marble, to create your own chocolate products.

Held at a purpose built venue in Brookvale NSW. We also have a chocolate making activity held in Lilyfield NSW.

Cooking Food Truck.

After enjoying some small bites upon arrival, your teams will head into combat. Once at their station, each team’s three edible weapons will be revealed. Each team can produce 2 dishes from the menu or alternatively they are given items  will serve as a base for whatever you decide to present at the feast. No Recipes – just 90 minutes and a desire to win. Each team and their Chef will brainstorm, plan, cook, and execute food to be served just as food truck. 

Held at a purpose built venue in Richmond, VIC

Healthy Cooking classes.

Make a positive change in your staff members lives by completing this Cooking class activity. We aim to provide both the inspiration to eat well, and the skills needed to follow through.

Encourage healthy meal choices and give your team the kitchen skills and inspiration they need to make positive dietary changes.

This is a mobile Cooking Team Building Activity and can be held throughout the whole of Australia

Cooking Team Building Activities
Cooking - Brisbane Master Chef Challenge
Cooking - Melbourne Pizza Making Class team building events Melbourne

We have a large range of Culinary team building activities available throughout Australia. Go to our Cooking and Cocktail Category page to find more options.


Team Building activities cooking classes

Cocktail Team Building Activities

Whether it is for a get together, a celebration or an ice-breaker a Team Building Cocktail making class is one your sure to remember.

Bonding and having fun as a team while making delicious cocktails.  These events can be mobile or can be held in your office or another location. Mobile cocktail making makes things easy, by bringing all the equipment required.

If Cocktails are not your style then we also have Wine and cheese tasting, Competitive tasting with a choice of Wine, Beer, whisky or Gin. Also a unique Beer tasting tour if you are in Melbourne.

Cooking and Cocktails Team Building Activities
Cooking and Cocktails Team Building Events
Cooking and Cocktails Team Building Activity

Team building is one of the cornerstones of a good corporate culture and Cooking Team Building Activities are a great all round choice to suit all teams.

This year, why not bring your team together by cooking and preparing  a meal together before dining together in style. 

For more information or inspiration for other types of team building activities, we have the following articles that you may find helpful. 

Christmas Cooking Team Building Activities

Creative Team Building Activities

Evening Team Building Activities (most can also be done in the day time)

If you are short of time or don’t know what you are looking for then please call or email us and we will be able to guide and advise you as to the best team building activities for your team, budget and group size.

Our in-depth article – Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities  will advise you on all the advantages, disadvantages, common mistakes and what to do in order to organise an amazing Team Building Activity. We will share resources and our extensive knowledge and experience in organising corporate team building activities

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