7 unique ‘Amazing Races’ in Sydney

Which race will you run?

It’s no surprise why the Sydney Amazing race is one of our most popular team building activities. It enhances every quality you could want in a corporate team; speed, efficiency, communication, competition, trust, delegation and it’s the most fun you have ever had with your colleagues (aside from last years Christmas Party!). So grab your corporate team and race around one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

1. Amazing Race – Botanic Gardens and Sydney Harbour

This amazing race really shows off Sydney’s best bits. Starting at the Conservatorium of Music in Macquarie Street, the race then leads you through several checkpoints through the beautiful Botanical Gardens and along to Farm Cove, where you take to the water. The next task is a 10-minute challenge in Luna Park – how will you get there? And how will you get back?

The race involves several activities, questions and photo challenges – each team is given a camera to document their day. Most importantly this race stimulates creativity, ingenuity, trust, clever planning and teamwork. The team’s range from 5-8 people depending on the group size and is very accessible for all levels of fitness. It does involve extra costs for water taxis.

2. Amazing Race Coogee Beach

What better location to race around that the beautiful Coogee beach? This Amazing race is perfect for groups staying in the Coogee area or located in the Eastern suburbs. The race takes you along both the North and South headlands of the beach, with a great choice of finishing venues.
The teams are also ranging from 5 – 8 with photo challenges and checkpoint activities and questions to challenge the whole team!

3. Amazing Race – Go Race

This amazing race is very flexible and heaps of fun! It normally takes place in the CBD but can be adjusted to the area most convenient for your group. Go Race uses QR code technology and your phones to provide directions and instructions to get to the next checkpoint. All of the action takes place on foot, so no need to worry about the logistics of public and private transport. Go Race is lots of fun and with activities that involve paddle bats and balls, mystery challenges and interactive puzzles it definitely will bring the whole team together.

4. Amazing Race – Great Race

Jump on the minibus and get out of the hustle and bustle of the city with the Great Race. In this race teams or ‘countries’ must decided on the quickest method of getting from A to B. It is always a mad race to the finish line, utilising all that your team has learned and earned along the way.


5. Amazing Race – Treasure Romp

Take an amazing adventure through the Rocks in the Amazing Race: Treasure Romp. Your guides in this race are professional actors who are seriously entertaining and know how to get people pumping. It also helps that the checkpoint challenges take you through Sydney’s iconic bars to do some puzzle solving and clue collecting. This race is fantastically flexible too and can be held in Bondi, Manly and Parramatta as well as locations in Melbourne and Brisbane. Treasure Romp is less about winning the race as having a fun and frantic afternoon in the city with your colleagues.


6. Amazing Race Around – Sydney Brisbane Melbourne

The Amazing Race Around can be held either through the city, around the local area you are staying using cars and buses or even in your conference resort provided it has large enough grounds. The organisers are incredibly flexible and can adjust the race to any location, group size and particular team building theme you would like to work on. This race is all about the points, so the team that crosses the line first may not necessarily be the victor.


7. Amazing Race – Sydney

Play a giant interactive game of ‘Guess Who’ in the Amazing Race Sydney. Each challenge teams complete earns them a clue to the identity of the ‘Person of the day’. The challenges include the Tim Tam Slam, Cryptic Cones and the Chick Foot Bus Bonus, all heaps of fun for the whole group. Like the Amazing Race Around, the race is based on points so even the slowest member of your group has a chance to take the title. All this fun is set against the backdrop of the Sydney Harbour foreshore and will guarantee to impress.


So… start racing

So what are you waiting for? Get your team up and about interacting with each other, trusting each other and working efficiently together. Any amazing race will have your team building the most fundamental qualities of a successful team without even realising it.


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