6 activities to kick-start the New Financial Year

New Financial Year, new start? Try these engaging team building activities

The New Financial Year is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to revitalise and turn a brand-new, sparkling page of our careers.

Before nestling down into your career nests, take this as an opportunity to reflect and focus on what you want the New Financial Year to bring.

We’ve put together six of the best Team Building activities in Australia for you and your team to kick-start the new year re-energised, re-focused and replenished.

Stress Management and Resiliency Workshop

group of people listening to a presentation at a resilience workshop
Assist your staff with change and reduce their stress with our stress and resilience workshop

Mental health in the work place is something that is thankfully becoming addressed more and more within businesses, and the Stress Management and Resiliency Workshop has been created to target stress and loss of productivity.

The beauty of this workshop is its tailored approach – your industry and staff demographic will be addressed, and you and your team will benefit from an in-depth presentation and evaluation of feedback. You’ll leave with a new approach to work management, and learn to think twice before letting the stress monster loose in the office!

Minute to Win it

2 people with clown wigs on doing a challenge in our minute to win it team building activity
A challenge in our minute to win it team building activity

Yes, this is the team building activity based on the TV show – Minute to Win It!

If you and your team are looking for excitement and laughter, then this is the perfect activity! Working in teams, you’ll each be faced with a number of nail-biting and bizarre activities, each team gaining more points and laughter as they go. Learning to move an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth might not necessarily come in handy with your work life, but the strategy and team work behind each activity certainly will!

Cocktail Making

a strawberry Daiquiri made in our Cocktail making team building activity
Cocktail making team building activity

Have one of our experienced and professional cocktail bartenders show you and your team how to make the perfect cocktail. Practice along with them as they show you the essential techniques and tricks of the trade and of course enjoy drinking and tasting your creations throughout the class. No experience necessary! This is a fun day and really hands on, as well as a few drinks! (but not too many). Book in a cocktail making activity today!

Change Game

Large group of people listening to a presentation about change
Change Game team building event presentation

The Financial Year can often inspire change within the workplace. It’s rare people easily embrace change, however it’s something which can crop-up at any moment. The Change Game addresses just that – individuals are invigorated and inspired through a trial of interactive exercises, and taught how interpretations and beliefs can drive our behaviour. If your business is going through some form of change, this activity can be catered to your specific needs so you and your team can truly benefit.


Art Raw Canvas Creative Team Building Perth

The program can be as structured or as free form as you like and by that we are referring to any theming that you want to put in place for the day.

There are 3 ways that you can run your Raw Canvas Designs.

Firstly you can allow each team the flexibility to come up with their own design and theme on the day and then create it on canvas.

Secondly, you can provide teams with guidelines and a specific theme that they all need to follow. They then need to create their masterpiece around those ideas.

Lastly, as a whole group you can come up with a design either prior to the program or in the planning stages and then that large design gets sketched across all teams canvasses and from there each team takes their canvas away to paint their portion of the overall artwork.

The Ransom

4 people doing a challenge activity as part of the ransom team building activity
Ransom team building activity – outdoor event

“We have your CEO, and you have three hours to save them!”

Not something you hear every day, but something which will certainly get your mind ticking, your heart racing, and the laughter flowing! Working together, The Ransom will encourage individuals to follow the clues and work head-to-head to hunt down the location of the missing CEO! An ideal activity to generate communication and team-work amongst your staff members.

Interested in boosting morale amongst your team? We have a whole variety of team building activities running all across Australia, from productive and fun activities, to inspiring and creative activities.

If you’re restricted on time or just need a bit of a helping-hand, we’re more than happy to help you find the perfect team building activities for you and your colleagues, why not get in contact today and let’s get started!


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