Top 10 Charity Team Building Activities to make a difference.

Charity Team Building Activities

Charity team building is one of the most inspiring activities available. People enjoy the fun and excitement of team building blended with deep levels of satisfaction that come from giving back.

But did you also know that Charity team events can strengthen the bond between employer and employee, as people feel more connected, committed and loyal to a company that wants to give back. In fact many employees would prefer to work for a company who gives to the community through Team Building charity days doing good for others.  Great companies whether small or large know how empowering it is to contribute and to have the ability to transform lives. These fundraising Team Building activities can be life altering.

Charity Team Building events combine many skills such as cohesion, planning, leadership, boosting morale, time management and strategy, trust and communication. All while being an engaging and fun event and  demonstrating care for others.  Add this to the amazing benefits for the charity and a sense of connection to the community.  What makes these events even more special is adding an element of surprise and watching the emotion of the team when they learn about the purpose of the event. For example in a Build a Bike Charity event you will give bikes to underprivileged children.

The Importance of giving back should not be overlooked, by giving back we help others, but we also help ourselves, These efforts take on a ripple effect and make the world a better place.  Charity Team Building activities are empowering and rewarding. The outcomes gives a great sense of accomplishment, while leaving a positive long term impact on both the community and your team. Read more about how giving back to society enhances your life in this great article by Tony Robbins.

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What are the Benefits of Charity Team Building Activities?

Increase Morale

Charity team events are a great way to quickly boost team morale. Teams work together to give back to their local communities. This in turn provides the team members a sense of contribution. According to an article on the benefits of charity team based team building, giving back to others has a number of scientifically proven benefits. These include reducing stress, reducing feelings of isolation and creating a sense of belonging. Therefore providing the perfect activity to see an increase in morale.

Improve Team Effectiveness

Charity team building activities will have your teams working towards a common goal in a relaxed setting. The activities are fun and promote team bonding while making an impact on the lives of others. An atmosphere of fun will promote open communication. . Thus Fundraising team building activities provide a perfect avenue for team members to build trust and improve communication skills. Two important outcomes that can be transferred back to the workplace.

Positive Community Impact

Charity team building events can make a real impact in the lives of those in your local community. This includes Build a bike Charity where kids receive a bike, Flat packs for women at shelters and cooking for charity that provides for for homeless shelters. Your Team building charity days will have an impact on the community you choose to support. Your team can take great pride in the fact that they made a difference to your local community.

Team Development

In today’s society people want to make an impact on the world around them. Many people want to join organisations that make Corporate Social Responsibility a key element of their company culture. Fostering and reinforcing a positive impact on the local community will enhance your  teams development. Team building charity days will help to both retain and attract great talent and build an amazing corporate culture.

Organisation Reputation 

When an organisations are know to give back to the communities around them, they begin to build a great reputation for themselves. You will not only build respect within your local community, but will also enhance your reputation. Reputation growth can lead to an increase in business leads, networking opportunities, and sales that previously may not have existed.

Ready to plan your Charity team building event?  There are many companies that will facilitate the entire program for you from start to finish. Short on time or resources? Check out our resource PDF that you can download.

The Grateful 8 – 8 ways to maximise your charity team building activity 

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

 Winston Churchill

Why does your team need Team Building Charity Days

Charity Team Building Activities are a great way to spread Christmas cheer if you are looking for an inspirational end of year event. However, they can also be done at any time of the year. Charity team building activities are the perfect example of a corporate social responsibility and a win-win innovation. Teams learn how to work together under difficult circumstances, while the recipients of the activities receive much needed services.

According to Research from the Center for Work-Life Policy,  high-potential employees, mostly women but also a significant percentage of men, are very motivated by a desire to give back to the world. They therefore tend to look for employers who have the same philosophy. This is especially important to Gen Y employees. According to an article by Forbes on The Benefits of Giving Back – Gen Y employees say that having volunteer opportunities available to them at work makes them more likely to to choose an employer in the first place, and more likely to stay there.

Top 10 Charity Team Building Activities to make a difference

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Charity Team Building Activities - Summary

There’s an old saying – It is better to give than receive.

Giving of yourself builds resilience and decreases stress. It enhances our ability to get through challenging times. By giving back we not only help ourselves but also others.

Giving back also helps with emotional well being and reduces the rates of depression, as it increases happiness and self esteem.

By thinking of others we gain a wider perspective and discover more opportunities for engaging positively with the world around us.

While working together as a team is important training for the workplace, it is even better to think that the product of your hard work is actually making someone’s life better. We have a large range of Charity team building activities at Team Building Made Easy all guaranteed to put a smile on your team’s face while they work toward an important goal. Check out our website for our full list of Charity Team Building Activities 

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