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03 October 2023 · 11 min read

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Everything you need to know about Team Building Activities Brisbane

Are you organising corporate team building activities in Brisbane? If you’ve been asked to organise a team activity, where do you start? There are so many options. There are so many companies that run team building activities in Brisbane. Finding the right activity can be difficult. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the choice. You just want to make sure you pick the right activity for your team.
First you need to consider team members when selecting an activity. Are some less mobile than others? Are they mostly men? Or mostly women? Would you classify them as introverts or extroverts?
People don’t want to join an activity where they are made to feel silly. (Especially not in front of their work colleagues.) They want to have fun and get to know each other.
You want people to say they had a great time. Say that was the best team building activity ever. So how do you make that happen?
You talk to us. As a result of many years of experience, we have a process to get you sorted. Here is the best approach for selecting the best Team Building and other group activities Brisbane.
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Sailing – Adventure activities Brisbane

Choosing the right activity is important

Team Building activities run for different reasons, however the end result is often the same. For instance getting to know your colleagues better, how they work and how you work with them. According to an article by Team Bonding there are 6 main reasons for Team Building.

  1. Networking, socialising and getting to know each other better.
  2. Team work and increasing team performance
  3. Competition
  4. Celebration and Motivation
  5. Collusion and enhancing innovation and creativity
  6. Communication and working better together

Successful team building activities can have a huge impact on your team. Especially working effectively and cohesively. Ultimately this leads to increased productiveness and overall work satisfaction.

Choosing the right Team Building activity in Brisbane is important

Team Building Activities Queensland run for many reasons, but the end result is the same. You will get to know your colleagues better, how they work and how you work with them. This can have a huge impact on working well together. Especially when you are all back in the office. This leads to increased productivity and work satisfaction.

We are often asked:
• How can I convince my boss that we need a team building activity?
• What should I say when they ask me the benefits of Team Building activities?

Team building events Brisbane provide opportunities for learning in a fun, stress-free way. But team building is not just for the people who are part of the team. It is for the business as a whole. Colleagues learn and understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Key learning outcomes that you work on during the team building activity can be taken back to work.
Also, during Team Building Brisbane people step out of their comfort zones and take on new roles. They may not be a leader at work, but they can become one in your team building activities. Or a leader may takes total control and not listen. Either way you will learn a lot about your people.
Effective team building means more engaged employees. That leads to better culture and increased productivity. More information can be found in the article Team Building Exercises and Activities.
The most important step when organising a corporate team building activity is to be clear on the goals. What do you want to achieve from your event? Even fun Team Building Brisbane events should include key learning areas.

What are Key Learning Objectives?

Some examples of key learning areas that Team Building Activities Brisbane can focus on include:

Time Management

Most team building activities put people under time pressure. This can force them to prioritise tasks. This then teaches people how to get more done in less time. It also teaches skills in goal setting and other key time management skills.


Effective communication is critical. Every team building activity will succeed or fail based on the quality of communication. It is important that team members give great feedback on how well your team listen and work together.


Most team building activities are like a mini project. They need people to delegate clear roles and priorities. They can provide great feedback on the leadership and management of key individuals in your team.


A lot of team building activities require creativity to figure out the solution and be successful. They can give great insight into the more creative members of your team are and how they contribute to great outcomes.


When you are choosing a team building activity, choose an option where everyone is working together. It’s important to collaborate, and not compete. This will give you great insight into the levels of cooperation in your team.


Team building activities create great opportunities for leadership. They can give you great insight into the natural leaders in your team and how they influence other team members.

Team Building Brisbane

Some harmless competition can help your team building activity in Brisbane. A desire to be the best could be good for your business. You also want to make sure that collaboration and team work are key goals.

For added reinforcement of these ideas check out this article on Why Team Building Events are Important

Selecting the right activity with these objectives in mind you will empower your team.

How can I make sure my Team Building Activities are successful?

Organising Team Building Activities in Brisbane? Read on to make sure it is successful.
There are 4 areas that you need to address when organising an event.

Gather all the information you need about the event before you start doing research. This is important and will save you a lot of time.
• What is the reason or purpose? Why is this event taking place? This is the key to choosing the right team building activity. It should include outcomes and expectations.
• Budget. Knowing this ahead save your time in getting quotes for team building in Brisbane.
• Group size, location, date and time are very important. These will help get accurate quotes for team building activities in Brisbane.

Start to do some research and gather ideas.
• Venues can take a big chunk of your budget. They will make a huge difference to your event, so it is important to get it right.
• Team building options. There are so many Team Building Activities in Brisbane. Our aim is to help you find the right team activity to meet your budget, objectives and any other needs. (See further in this article for some fantastic Team Building Activities Brisbane ideas.)

Make sure you gather all your information and ideas and keep you organised and reduce stress.
• Try to have a key decision maker on your committee – it will save a lot of time.
• Keep a checklist or work in progress to make sure all tasks are being completed.
• Promotion is very important. Preparing your audience can make a huge difference to the success or failure of the event. However, leave a little mystery, as people love mystery.

After the event, gather feedback. This can be fantastic for next time.
• What worked well and what didn’t work well.
• Was everyone able to join in the activity or did people feel left out?
• Was the venue appropriate?
• Did you feel as though it was value for money?
• What would you do differently next time

Planning you event will ensure success.

We have a free guide that will help you plan your conference or event, it can even be used in your staff meetings. We also have one that focuses just on Christmas parties and end of year events. Feel free to download them – we are sure you will find them helpful.

Our Top 15 Best Team Building Activities Brisbane

We have put together some information on our most popular team building activities. Whether you are looking for ideas for team building activities in Brisbane for indoor or outdoors we have you covered.
You can find a huge range of activities on our website that can be run in Brisbane and throughout QLD. To make it easy, we have organised them in categories. This is just a small selection of our Team Building Activities.

Charity Team Building Activities Brisbane

We have a large range of charity team building activities available in Brisbane and surrounding areas. These activities will be an unforgettable experience for your team. It is a great way to provide a lasting legacy and give back to the local community. Some of our options include:
Lego Challenge
Give a Dog a home
Robots for Schools
Flat packs for Women’s refuges
The Pitch
Par for a cause

We have developed a great free resource to get the most from your Charity Team Building Activity. It is called 8 Ways to Maximise your Charity Team Building Activity.
This guide will help you when you are planning your charity event.

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Creative Team Building Activities Brisbane

Creative team building activities will expand the way your team approaches their work. Creativity can inspire people and increase productivity. Tapping into the left side of your brain can result in new ideas and new ways of thinking. They are also great activities to reduce stress and are very inclusive. You don’t need any artistic ability to join in these fun team building activities in Brisbane.
Our range of creative activities includes:

Problem Solving Team Building Activities Brisbane

Problem solving skills make a huge difference to your career and are highly sought after. Understanding what the underlying issues are, is the first step in solving a problem.
So choosing team building activities in Brisbane that have a problem solving component is a great way to enhance your teams skills in a fun and stress free environment. They are also great to get to know your team better and observe strengths and weaknesses.
They also improve communication and encourage cooperation and group interaction. They are a great way to get to know each other better.
We have a great selection of both indoor and outdoor problem solving team building activities in Brisbane.
Options include:

Learning and Development Team Building Activities Brisbane

Successful teamwork is essential to creating an amazing work environment. But how do you create a great team? You have to build and maintain an environment of trust and support.
Team building activities with a focus on learning and development establish good team habits. They also define the common goals of a team.
As a rule, creating and maintaining a healthy workplace culture is an ongoing process. It will make your company far more successful. It can also save you money: you can spend less, get better ROI, and have a more engaged workforce.
There are a range of workshops as well as experiential activities. Most of the learning and development options are tailored to meet your exact goals. They can also be run from a couple of hours to over 1-2 days.
Some of our options include:

Cooking and Alcohol Team Building Activities Brisbane ideas

Cooking is a great team building activity. It’s fun, challenging and much more enjoyable when shared with others. It’s a chance to discover your inner Jamie Oliver or Kylie Kwong. For your team, knowing that you worked together to create something spectacular.
These team building activities teach time management, creativity and problem solving. Cooking together draws on a sense of team spirit and is also fun. You can also enjoy some great food and drink as you enjoy each other’s company. This activity ticks all the right boxes for Team Building activities Brisbane.Options include:

Game shows and Trivia - Team Building and other group Activities Brisbane

These activities are mostly social, fun team bonding style events. They are a great way to finish the day of a conference, and a fantastic idea for Christmas parties or end of year events. If you are looking for a relaxed activity that is fun and improves team morale.
Our range of team building Brisbane includes:

Active and Adventure Team Building Activities Brisbane

It is undeniable that technology has also caused physical activity to be pushed aside. We need to be innovative and add some excitement to boost our energy at work. This can be accomplished through outdoor team building activities in Brisbane.
All our activities are tailored for corporate groups – knowing that everyone’s fitness levels are different. Most activities include a number of problem solving aspects so all people can be included in the activity.
Organising outdoor team building activities Brisbane has many benefits. These include:
Physical – encouraging physical exercise improves your whole wellbeing. When at work we usually sit too long and then sit again when travelling home. Being active can increase your energy levels, brain health and memory.
Behaviour – If your goal is to increase collaboration and communication in the workplace then these activities may suit you
Personal development – Spending time exploring the outdoors allows a person to be released from the stresses and demands of work.

Outdoor Team Building Activities Brisbane.

Amazing Race Bar Stop
Amazing Races with App technology
General Amazing Races
Variations on Amazing Races
Find the Fugitive
Scavenger hunt
See all our amazing race options

Other Outdoor Team Building Options:

Mini Olympics
Zoo Safari
Construct it
Lawn Bowls
Laser Clay
And Many more options

Events on a budget - Team Building Activities Queensland

Budget is usually a major factor in deciding what team building activity your boss will approve. This is especially true for small groups or Not for Profit associations. There are many activities you can look at that are fun team building activities in Brisbane: Events on a budget.
We also have a great resource you can download with detailed instructions on how to run 5 great energisers – called Captivate your Audience: 5 Ways to Energise your Corporate Event.
Try our energisers and connect with your audience.

We have a range of Online Team Building activities for teams in lockdown. 

These include fun, team bonding activities such as Virtual Amazing Race, and Trivia options. As well as Team Lockdown and Office Olympics.

There are also a range of workshops. Topics include: Create Culture, Resilience and learning about how to communicate with colleagues. Online one and one leadership coaching is another great option.

For more information on our Virtual Team Building Activities – read our full article. 

Location, Location, Location - Team Building Activities Brisbane CBD and surrounding areas

Now you have to decide whether you want the team building activities in Brisbane CBD, South bank, Brisbane river or surrounding areas. Most of our activities are mobile and can come to your office or conference venue. If you want standalone team building activities in Brisbane CBD we can suggest conference venues, hotels, parks, beaches and sport centres. Some of our activities are also run at purpose-built venues – such as cooking.
Brisbane has wonderful parks and beaches that can be used for outdoor team building. Most of these require council approval and have a fee to use the area. Let us know where you want to hold your event, and we can let you know if it will be suitable. We can also suggest locations where events have been run in the past.
Conference venues and hotels also have function rooms that can be used for indoor team building activities.
We cater for groups small and large, in any location throughout Queensland. The main locations are:
Brisbane CBD – including areas of South bank and Brisbane river
Gold Coast
Sunshine Coast

Preferred Venues for Team Building Brisbane

We partner with a number of venues. These are great options if you also want to include a meeting or conference and catering options. We are also happy to come to a venue of your choice as long as the area is suitable and the venue gives approval.
Contact us for more information on venues that would suit your event.

Further, Team Building Activities Brisbane ideas

Sometimes it’s hard to choose an activity just by looking at some pictures and a description. We have put together a playlist of some team building activities in Brisbane in action to give you a better idea.
You can go to our YouTube channel for more ideas and to see other activities in action. We are adding new videos all the time, so if there is something you are interested in, and we don’t have a video for it, just ask us.
Events can also be customised to suit your objectives and themes. Let us know what you would like, and we can get quotes for you.

Corporate Team Building Activities Adelaide
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Final steps to ensure you have amazing Team Building Activities Brisbane

We are here to make your life easier when organising your team building event in Brisbane. We do not run any activities and can offer you independent advice on which activity and provider will best suit your team, objectives and budget.
Our aim is to provide you with an amazing team building event in Brisbane. We can help you organise your team building activities program and guide you if you are unsure what to do or what you want.
So, move team building events up on your company’s priority list. They are an investment in the future of your team.
No matter what you are looking for we have options to suit you. Whether you are looking for a reward for your staff, need to work on communication, just want a fun team building activity Brisbane we have it all. (If we don’t have it we will find it for you.)
So contact us today and let’s create an awesome event for your team.

Call 1300 764 818 or Email Us

You’ll be amazed how easy Team Building Brisbane is.

Contact us

Let us organise your next event. Remember Team Building was meant to be easy.


Team Building Activities are an integral component of building and developing your team. But how can you make sure you choose the right activity to suit your team’s needs? We have written an in-depth article – Ultimate Guide to Team Building Activities for just that purpose. By the end of it you will be an expert and know all the advantages, disadvantages, common mistakes. It will guide you to organise an amazing Team Building Activity. We share resources and our extensive knowledge and experience in organising corporate team building activities.

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